Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Litterbug! By Mumtaz Waliat

"No!" Shouted the father as his car screeched to a halt. He got out, opening the back door on the passenger side to where his daughter of six years sat stunned into silence. She looked at him guiltily.

Earlier the daughter was opening her Easter egg at the back of the car. After rescuing the egg from its cardboard box she discarded the box out of the open car window. Her father noticed.

"I didn't raise you up to be a litterbug!" His voice full of concern.

He marched her up the road a few paces to retrieve the box which lay in the middle, all bent from the impact of being thrown out of a car and landing on the hard tarmac. Luckily it was a quiet Sunday afternoon with no other drivers or pedestrians about to watch the mini drama unfold. She was escorted back to her seat where she sat the box beside her.

"Take the box home and put it in the recycling bin when you get the chance." Her father told as he started the car again.

At the back of the car the daughter picked up her Easter egg and turned it around in her hands admiring the shiny purple foil that it was wrapped in. Carefully peeling the foil she unravelled the smooth milk chocolate egg underneath. The foil came loose revealing its silver underbelly. With the Easter egg in one hand she scrunched up the foil wrapping into a ball with her free hand. She looked at the car window next to her which was still left open. It did not take a moment for her to decide what to do with the foil wrapping.

She deposited the foil into the right pocket of her bright red cardigan. She then held the Easter egg in both hands feeling its smooth texture. She made a fist with her right hand and brought it down hard on top of the egg, causing the upper part to crack and break. Small pieces of chocolate fell into the hollow egg and she peered inside. Amongst the broken chocolate lay, encased in a clear wrapper, multi-coloured jelly beans. The daughter licked her lips in delight. She freed the jelly beans from their clear wrapper prison and slipped them inside the egg to join the chocolate pieces. She put the clear wrapper into her cardigan's left pocket.

Eventually they reached their destination and the father opened the door to let his daughter out. There she sat with her mouth smothered with chocolate and a half eaten Easter egg in her lap. The jelly beans were sprayed everywhere over the seat and the carpeted car floor.

"You were supposed to share that Easter egg with your brother, greedy guts!" Her father frowned. His daughter smiled back.

"I've saved these for the rubbish bin." She exposed her cardigan's trinkets in each of her hands, the clear wrapper and the foil.

"One change at a time is it?" Her father smiled.

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