Tell A Tale in 500 Words

LIFE-CHANGE. By Christine Law


After doing the family shopping in Kingston on Thames Savannah would buy herself a coffee and sit by the river. She had become friendly with Leonardo a Polish waiter who was ten years her junior. Savannah looked at his handsome face and wondered if he had a girlfriend. He was always polite and he would help her to carry her shopping to the car park beneath John Lewis store.

Savannah looked at her watch and decided to make her way home. As she entered the neat row of houses in Barnes high street she noticed that Max’s Rover was parked in their drive, usually he did not leave his office till after 7pm. “Hi “said Savannah, as she entered the hallway of Broadway house. When Max looked at her his smile did not reach his eyes.

Savannah had taken him too much for granted. She was always running out of money Max had peeled off money like a cash machine. His business Consultancy and Media Affairs was so much in debt that once their house had been sold there was nothing left. Max had found a rented flat at South end on Sea. Savannah’s friend Trish had called round to visit with a bottle of wine and a bouquet of roses. “Don’t forget to keep in touch when you move”! Said Trish, how could Savannah tell Trish that they were leaving London to move to a Council flat at South end on Sea?

Their two sons James and Quinton attended a local authority school. Savannah worked in a bank and helped out in a bakery weekends. Max had worked for South end Council before his nervous breakdown. Max had taken the boys to visit a local stationary shop. The boys had argued Max had started to shake. The stationer had sent for an ambulance.

Looking at the bottles on the dresser of their bedroom, it was so easy to take the tablets. Savannah had woken up in hospital sweating. Later she stayed with her parents Richard and Nester in Twickenham. Her father Richard would say, Her father Richard would say ”too much traveling in the fast lane, now look where you have ended up."

"Oh shut up Richard if you don’t have anything sensible to say Max was a mistake” replied Nester. “Yes and will we see our grandchildren, now that he as met someone else?” "My children “ said Savannah!

The children now stayed with Max and Marie at their house overlooking South End Park. Savannah had the children to stay weekends at her parent’s house. One day Savannah had phoned Trish. The two women had met for coffee in Kingston on Thames. Trish had started up in business selling art work. “Put your best foot forward girl you can start over again.” Listening to Trish gave Savannah the confidence to waitress at a bistro it was here that she had met up again with Leonardo. Leonardo enjoyed the company of Savannahs children. Now Leonardo and Savannah hoped to set up home together.

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