Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Law and Order By Eloise Preston

United with her Uncle, a magistrate, last year, Alice had been taken away from the streets.

Now both niece and uncle sat opposite each other.

“When were you going to tell me?” the uncle spoke.

Alice shrugged.

“Did you consider anything when you blurted it in front of the courtroom? What will people think? My niece entangled with a murderer!” Her uncle exclaimed.

“He’s not a murderer!” Alice glared.

“He’s a criminal nevertheless I don’t doubt.” His frustration quickly increasing.

“I’m a criminal! Yet you don’t go round saying I’m a murderer!” Alice yelled at him. She hated people who judged purely by class.

He sunk into his chair. It struck him that Alice openly admitted to committing crimes. She had led a complete different lifestyle than the one he had brought her into.

Carrying a bundle of letters addressed for the master, the housekeeper walked ignorantly into the room.

Putting his arm on Mrs Butler’s shoulder, her master led her out the room. With a frown she handed him the letters.

“Is Alice ok?” She asked.

“No. Alice is involved with the murderer whose trial we attended an hour ago.” He informed her.

Mrs Butler’s eyes widened.

“My god, a murderer? But the girl is merely sixteen! Let me have a word, perhaps I can make better comprehension of this mess.” Mrs Butler, strode back into the room and sat next to Alice.

“Alice, do you need to talk about this?” Mrs Butler opened.

Alice uncurled from her position, Mrs Butler had meant ‘I know the basics, now explain the details’.

“Did he take advantage of you?” the housekeeper asked gently.

“No!” Alice exclaimed, appalled. “I love him and he loves me.”

“How do you know he loves you? He’s a murderer, lying wouldn’t be a hardship.” Mrs Butler contradicted.

Alice stood up, the housekeeper’s prejudgements exasperated her.

“Jack isn’t a murderer. I have lived with him since I was six. I know what he’s like. He barely had the guts to commit house robbery and you think he committed murder?”

“Then, how do you explain his arrested for the crime? This is law and order. You can’t claim he never committed the crime and not have evidence. Poverty can drive people to extravagant crimes.” Mrs Butler attempted to bring Alice into reality.

“Why murder when all you’re tryin’ to do is live? Jack is not a murderer- a criminal yes but that doesn’t matter. I love him and he loves me! Who cares about his past? He’s about to be condemned for something he hasn’t done. How is that law and order?” Alice cried.

Her Uncle knew now what he must do.

“Alice, would you say you truly loved this boy and would do anything to clear his name?”

Alice nodded.

“And you would, honestly, say he would never kill.”

“He wouldn’t, he didn’t.” Alice stated.

“Then for God’s sake justice must be put to rights. He shouldn’t be punished for what he hasn’t done.”

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