Tell A Tale in 500 Words

I am coming S By Simon Warren

The hard left cannot move on anything in face of a public prepared to be drowned in the vested interests of the exploiters of its labour. X is a man who from birth might as well have been dead. X's parents now dead were living corpses who had played dead when there had been no need for them to do so. X never developed beyond the juvenile stage. X was unfitted for leading any form of existence that was beyond mere existence. People had died from the inception of X coming into the world rolling off a conveyor and X had walked among the rotting remains. Life was putrid matter and couples lived in the matter creating more people like themselves and the people like themselves died laughing and screaming happy to have kept their noses for when they went for a walk along Tring high street they were opportuned by people who were immensely rich whose noses had rotted away whose teeth had fallen out and asked all and sundry for money food and clothes because they were big beggars and owned Tring and practised mind control over a population which lived in Tring and worked for big beggars all over the place in a cycle of the gruesome hacking to pieces of the loathed vermin people of Britain. The back end of the British way of throwing children into a cooking pot boiling and eating them is a way of sustenance which was enjoyed by the parents of Mary and Vladimir who did not live long beyond the early years as they were eaten by their parents. The ghost of Mary walks in Tring high street . She is an appealing girl. The boys throw stones at her and shout if she is a ghost she does not feeding and they laugh. Mary's parents eat men women and children and they sell their victims' property for money which they use to bribe big business government into creating a culture in which eating children is taken for granted.As X grew up the government spread slime over towns and cities and the old Britons lay in the slime sucked the slime up their noses and asphyxiated grinning wildly happy to be dying knowing they were going to a good place somewhere that was devoid of people like themselves. If I sit this out X thought I might move on to something better. X was instilled with beliefs familiar to X's parents but which went over X's head and what X might have enjoyed slipped into the blue yonder a place one might see if ones nose was not to the grindstone not permanently crooked at the subliminal messages coming from mind hq. The blue was the old sky what women see in procreation on a sunny day and X entered the blue of the old love where the loved one lay welcoming X.

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