Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Hidden By Vaila Whittaker

“Great work you did today!” exclaimed his boss happily as he patted him on the back, “Now go home and relax! Tomorrow we have a new project and I think you will be just the right person”

“Thanks”, he said cheerfully with a smile on his face. Alex knew he did a good job. He always did things to the best of his ability. He was a slight perfectionist but he just wanted the best, with a smile on his face he walked out of the office. He walked over to his disorganised desk. He liked to call it organised chaos- he knew where things were. Alex was organised in other ways especially with his tasks at work. He turned off his computer and put his coat on.

“Do you fancy a pint?” Alex turned round to see a tall gentleman with glasses. It was Tom one of his colleagues.

“Not tonight Tom I’ve got a few things to do…” replied Alex unenthusiastically.

“Come on! You should celebrate I heard you’ve got the heads up with the new project! I knew you’d get it. Top one!” Tom excitedly replied

“Thanks Tom but not tonight …seriously I am really busy got lots of things to sort out at home”, lied Alex.

“Alright but you are coming on Friday even if I have to drag you!” Tom laughed, “I’ll see you tomorrow then!”

“Yeah see you…” replied Alex as he swiftly got outside of the building. He started to walk to his car when his hands started tingling; it felt like pins and needles. He could feel it coming. He just had to get home before anybody could see him, before it would start. He had felt this sensation for most of the day. He could usually ignore it, but today was different. He did not know why but he just knew it felt different. These past couple of months it had been getting worse. He got out of his car and hurried into his flat.

He turned the light on and walked past the newspapers, letters and bits and pieces that were piled high on the floor, which he had meant to take out to the recycling bin but hadn’t the energy.

He sat on the settee. Alone. His hands were trembling. He was ashamed.

“You’re rubbish!”, “Look at you?”, “What are you still doing here?” shouted the angry monsters. Alex looked up but could not see anything…but maybe they were right maybe he should just go. He felt desperate. He had been listening for years. He felt like he was alone. He felt like his head was a tormented tornado. He felt the monsters pushing him down. He had no-more energy; squashed, splinters of broken glass.

“Can you describe Alexander Smith ” asked the police officer. Tom’s face was paper white.

“Are you sure? It can’t be! Alex…suicide? No! He was chatty…outgoing….he was smiling…” Tom was tortured just like Alex.

If only he had known things could have changed.

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