Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Heroes Get Killed By rachel hurst


I had no police record, there was nothing on me at all, I was clear; it would have been the end of your life. It seemed clear to me at the time. Take the wrap for it all and walk out with a slightly tarnished reputation. I could go back to my old job after the trial, after all, it was only a minor crime and your lawyer was sure I would get bail.

But that was before they knew about the man in the yellow mini-van. That was before I knew about the gun. That was before any of us knew about the manager’s heart condition or about the assistant’s pregnancy.

Now I’m spending my last few days in prison; after being charged with three accounts of murder.

It was a fake gun – she still had a miscarriage – you didn’t make it out with any of the money – it was premeditated.

When you called me I thought it would be ok. I thought I could be the hero.

I’m leaving for death row on Saturday.


They told me to write down my last thoughts, said my family would like to read them. So here you go, this is the truth.

I’m not a good friend, I wasn’t being courageous, I’m in love with him. And I thought if I did this you would realise how much I loved him and we could be together. The irony is; I’m about to die for a crime I didn’t commit but if I had been let out I would have committed a real crime. I would have loved him.

There’s no way back now.

He always did have a rebellious streak. Sometimes I thought he was only with me to get to his family. But they never found out. I told him so many times to be careful. Well, it’s done now.

You know, it’s not that I am to be killed for his crime that angers me the most, it’s that he just moved on. He never even bothered to visit, not like you did. I’d still do anything for him.

I'm scared: please don't let them take me. I miss you so much.


They make us go to therapy every other day; she asked us what our biggest regrets were. Do you know what I said? Trusting you.


Look after Ma, won’t you? Tell her I’m sorry. Tell her I love her.

She deserves better, I should be there to help you both. I guess I was blinded by love.

To me,

If someone loves you they won’t let you throw away your life to save them. That’s not how love works.


I hope you find someone who makes you happy. I know I never did.


It’ll be ok.


I miss you.


You never deserved me.


The heroes always get killed first.

Why can’t we show our love through loving instead of sacrifice?


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