Tell A Tale in 500 Words

He loved me then. But does he love me now? By Jade Coles

He loved me then. But does he love me now?

I hit the floor. Crack. My bones shattered at impact and my vision began to go blurry. He lifted his leg above my head and shoot, it came crashing into my skull. That was the last thing I saw; before it all went dark. I remember waking up, tied to a chair and blinking past the pain as I thought of how cliché it was, a broken abused girl being tied up to a chair to die. In my subconscious state I almost laughed. I would have done if it hadn't have been me in the position. Does that make me a bad person? I guess so. I thought about leaving. Biting myself loose and running away but I couldn't, not yet anyway. I would have to heal first. I knew he wouldn't let me die, if I'm honest with you, although I wish he would. I was his human stress ball, a punch bag. He needed me to relieve himself of his nightmares at the end of the day. I was too much of a convenience for him to be killed off. He did this often. I shouldn't be surprised. I could have been a better girlfriend I suppose, been prettier, cared less? I don't know. My chest is fire. My ribs are rattling about under my skin like a human jigsaw that a kid didn't have the patience to finish. That reminds me of him actually. I'm fun for a while, a little bit at a time but then I get boring and he leaves me to heal for a few days before coming back to try and unpick me again. I don't know how long passed before I decided I needed to go. I had finally had enough. He wouldn't notice for a few days anyway and by the time he did, I'd be long gone. I was still in unbearable pain but I bit through it. I was used to it now and I'd had worse so I distracted myself instead. The rope was getting loose from days of wear and tear and eventually, I was able to wriggle it off. I slumped down and slipped out the bottom, making sure I made as little noise as possible. The window was open and his car wasn't in the driveway, now was my chance. I dropped down over the ledge and hit the hard, concrete floor. I heard a distant noise. The rumble of an engine. Fear froze me. He didn't see me, not at first anyway. He just felt me. I rolled under his wheels, a speed bump. He stopped and stared at my lifelessness. His darling abused wife, no longer a punch bag. My seams had burst. The world lost colour, the sky turned black and white and then disappeared completely. That was the last thing I saw; before it all went dark.

He loved me then. How could he ever love me now?

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