Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Expiation By Anthony Powers Powers

'There is no point in going,' I say to myself as I step out. Even the day is mocking me - a day when normally I would feel glad to be alive. The sun is already out warming the morning. The sky is clear and the birds in joyous song. And all I can see is a Prime Minister's axe poised over my neck.

I can blame no one but myself. It had been so different the day previous, for then I had learned of my successful application to work on the estate. But through my own stupidity I had ruined it. I knew Sir William was no great lover of drink and I rarely touched it also but by way of celebration had gone along to the "Glynne" and by the time I emerged was too merry. I had seen our stern P. M. on occasion with his wheelbarrow full of books and so to the amusement of my friends I mimicked him, weaving an imaginary course and shouting and singing,


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