Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Entrapment By Jan Porter

As a butterfly flapped its wings, her world fell apart. Panic stalked her mind shredding her memory. Helen opened the window to set it free, but it continued to flap helplessly against the glass. The questions were driving her mad. What would happen to her?

The crunching of wheels on the gravel drive startled her. She rushed down the stairs. The keys turning in the lock paralysed her on the bottom stair, her breathing was shallow and her knuckles were white as she gripped the bannister.

He closed the door and checked the locks. Cheerily he said ‘Hi darling, how are you?’ She was never going to confront him. She knew what would happen, she would lose everything. It was her sanity and dignity versus her married life.

She fumbled a little, but kissed him as usual. His touch irritated her skin as he held her. It was like he was stroking a prize possession and saying ‘you’re mine’. She felt confused. Her whole being recoiled, she wished she was an animal that could curl up into a ball so the predator would walk away.

His voice broke through the screaming in her head. ‘Is supper ready darling?’ Of course, supper was set, the consequences were too horrible to imagine. The table was laid as he liked it, his and her ends, napkins and fresh flowers. Through dinner he liked to talk about his day. He never asked her. In her pocket, she felt the two keys, making sure she knew which was which. The meal finished, she cleared the table and set it for breakfast as he liked her to do.

Timidly she asked him to look at the washing machine as it was making a funny noise

‘Call the man out tomorrow’ he replied.

‘Oh but,’ she stuttered, heart racing she continued, ‘but darling, I wanted to launder your special blue shirt before the conference this weekend. ‘Please take a look’. It was never going to work; he wouldn’t do what she asked.

‘Come on then, show me’.

Her hand felt the keys, ‘just popping to the bathroom, be down in a moment’.

He entered the cellar door and headed down the stairs. She moved quickly and silently, she closed the door and locked it. She heard him immediately rush up the stairs and frantically rattle the door handle.

‘Helen, what on earth are you doing, let me out’ he screamed, kicking and banging wildly. She started to shake, her brain screamed ‘Move, before the door gets kicked down!’

‘Open this door now!’

‘No Paul, I’m leaving’, but as she turns to go, turmoil issues doubt, maybe she should explain.

‘You, ungrateful bitch, I will find you, you can’t get away. You belong to me’.

His threatening words makes her refocus, she grabbed the other key and ran to the car. A few possessions already loaded.

She had to flap her wings like the butterfly and his world would have to fall apart.


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