Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Death is a Casual cold By ellie lachs

Cerise brickwork was pulverized by the Wolf’s breath as she sniggered at the mere beings who deemed themselves invincible.

How wrong they had been.

The brickwork was weak and crumbling; caving into the IKEA bought interior. Granules seeped through the webbed structure of a small man’s hands as he wept internally at the sight of his ‘accomplishments’ disintegrating. The glacial atmosphere penetrated his pores; thawing his scaly peel, the largest organ which packaged his miniature figure into one. Glass appeared a quintessential material to make ones ‘home’ appear fashionable; however small men often underestimate the strength of the Wolf whose claws now gnawed at it slicing every bond holding the crystal lattice structure in place, regret was slowly becoming worthless.

The ozone could be considered psychopathic, a serial killer at most. Its talons now leisurely dismantle the intricate model of a human in spite of their selfish and conceited mentality. The brain is essentially a death sentence to a superiority complex, one can hardly be surprised that those surrounding it have become intolerant. I heard once that another little man (apparently he owned something called fame) was secretly informed of a plan. It is now becoming increasingly clear that this plan has begun and is effortlessly succeeding. The sediments within concrete were in the process of a vast makeover and were swiftly becoming globular. Not dissimilar to quicksand the material was engulfing the weeping man as he kneeled in the shadow of a greater being.

However, it appears to me that the aforesaid are in fact trivial in comparison to the epidemic of smog. Crushed charcoal specks permeate the once ‘clean’ air, casting shadow and gloom upon Enid Blyton’s luscious and verdant globe. The darkened haze created a Lowery effect on the general being, in addition to the wrenching cough that planted itself among the ciliated cells. Breathing was becoming a struggle it was no longer an innate action yet had to be consciously thought about, almost as if death was a casual cold.

The extremities at stake are not shocking. The wolf that once upon a time could not blow down a brick wall had strengthened.

This might was not of a natural kind but rather a result of a human’s lifestyle. Alas, the population is becoming a product of its own demise, an ageing train and a tired engine that is no longer strong enough to undergo survival of the fittest.

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