Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Creative chaos By Richard Moriarty

The creators were having a good day, they; since ‘the creator’ exists in a multitude of parallel dimensions and therefore were one and many at the same time; were having fun.

Well, I say they exist in parallel dimensions, but today the creators felt very creative indeed and decided to take up platting. What had previously been possible and impossible at the same time, depending upon which particular parallel dimension you might be visiting; had suddenly become probable, actual and inconceivable all at the same time.

The creators took the strands of newly formed chaos, and from them invented a small god, whom they named Sod; they released him into the platted strands of his own space-time dis-continuum and gave the little chap a bit of creative ability of his own, just for fun.

Sod quickly developed a rather mischievous spirit and was not, as many people may expect the origin of the ‘law of Sod,’ but at the same time he was, and again he only probably could have been, but the evidence is circumstantial.

Sod went about the intricate web of the multiverse; sprinkling small showers of awareness here and there and small showers of total unawareness there and here.

Awareness is generally thought of as affecting sentient beings, but since the possible and impossible had now become entwined with the probable; awareness now had a whole new range of impossibilities to play with.

Money for example, became aware of the rich and the poor, and decided to make some changes; this became apparent when wallets emptied themselves of their contents as rich people walked through poor areas of town. People, who had previously had nothing, could suddenly buy food for themselves and their families; whilst those who used to keep their money in their wallets until the moths had died; took up a new hobby of accusing the poor of theft, whilst being totally unable to prove anything.

Supermarkets found their huge profits dwindling, although they didn’t collapse completely; whilst small corner shops suddenly thrived. Everyone found that they were paying their taxes, both the workers and the multinational companies. There was increasingly enough money available for new, affordable housing for the homeless, and medical care for everybody; even the nature reserves and sanctuaries got enough funding to make things sustainable for wildlife.

The creators looked in the mirror and saw there a puzzled look staring back at them.

“What on earth have we done” they asked themselves.

“You appear to have twisted fate as well as reality” Sod answered “and I will get the blame for it.

Well it doesn’t seem to have worked out too badly, the creators thought; perhaps we should do more creative things; “Anyone fancy knitting, or crochet?”

Sod put his head in his hands in desperation, knowing that what was to come would give him a reputation beyond anyone’s comprehension. He looked at the world through the cracks between his fingers and quietly chuckled to himself, grinning mischievously.

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