Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Conversation At Breakfast By Andrew Pogson

The breakfast table, set for four, was bereft of a couple of teenagers, they were upstairs and did not relish getting up at the unearthly hour of 9am, especially on a Sunday, so Angie and Des were sat eating the usual cereal and toast with the ubiquitous mug of tea.

Des had suffered a disjointed night mulling over what he had seen on television, prior to going to bed, Angie however had slept soundly. He had been settled with his lot in life, all he wanted was the peace in his mind of knowing that he and his family were secure and that his children could go through University assured of success. He planned to advance himself at work so that they could enjoy retirement. A simple plan, until his priorities were challenged, change was required so his insecurity could be examined and, peace return.

'The papers late coming today, it's always at weekends.' Angie was somewhat anxious to read an article that had been advertised last night about a celebrity who was going to leave show business and do some work for the poor and illiterate.

Des had opportunity to talk over his insecurity. 'Did you listen to the news last night, the earthquake on the island?'

'Yes, but it was a bit gory and I lost interest as it is not affecting us directly,' said Angie who became apprehensive as to what was coming next as they didn't often talk about deep things, 'I hope you're not going to get all philosophical at this time on a Sunday, how much does it matter to us?'

Des replied, 'I think it does matter, even though it's the other side of the world, these are our fellow human beings who have suddenly had their lives shattered and changed, surely we must have sympathy for them, then there is the war.'

'Yes, that was awful,' she said, 'our Country is selling arms that have caused so much misery. What could we do? Not a lot.'

Des, scratched his head, 'Not a lot directly but we could write to our MP outlining our concern.'

Janet, listening to what was being said as she walked into the kitchen was rubbing her eyes as she made her way to the table. A teenager had surfaced and needed food!

'These wars,' said Janet, 'bring more death and destruction, Arms Dealers supply all manner of things to perpetuate the conflict, sometimes selling to both sides. They have no conscience about making money from the suffering.'

Angie, aware of her daughter said, 'Help yourself, there is fresh tea in the pot. Des, what gets my blood boiling is in our own Country we see attacks on people because they are different, demonising parts of our society.'

There was silence.

'If we want to change things we must start with ourselves, we must be at peace within ourselves, then we can look at what change we can make locally,' said Janet as she reached over for the toast.

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