Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Clarita (based on true events) By Louis Abrillo

“Help Me.”

The only two seconds that I went back to sanity. He’s been very helpful these past days. But they were very insistent. I’m exhausted… please spare me…

How many lives have I taken? How many more will die? Everybody’s afraid of me. They don’t understand, I was not the killer. They are. They get who they want, when they want. I was against it but I can’t do anything. I am weak. I can’t bear this, it’s painful, and it’s tiring.

Every day and every night I have to deal with those two pairs of red eyes, and two sets of teeth that sunk through my very skin. I’ve been bitten all over my body. I have to endure the searing pain as they tore my flesh. They suck the soul out of me. Those dark skin covered with black hair and long black nails that reaps my flesh. Those horns!

“Please make it stop.” I shouted inside the endless darkness. “PLEASE!”

How long have I last seen the sunlight? How long since I last saw the cemented walls, and bars of my cellar? I don’t know. They took over my body. But they’ll let me back when they want someone else’ life. They use me as a messenger. I regret it every time. I remember when I told that poor jail guard,

“You’re gonna die!” and I laughed with gladness as I saw the horror in his face. But it wasn’t me! If they only knew who was it. They were always thirsty of blood and soul. Hungry every time. You don’t know how frightful it is to watch them feed. They’re greedy. And if they don’t get what they want, it was me whom they fed on. It’s me they savored.

I’m tired. I will make it stop.

He visited my cellar again. I’m not sure how many times he visited me. He’s here to help me again. He opened his book and started saying the incantations. I cried in pain as I hear his words. My body feels like it’s burning.

“AAAHHHHHH!” I shouted as I felt like a tin can being crushed. Please! I plead as tears stream down my face.

“AAAAhhhhh! Stop It! STOP!” make it stop. Make it end. Kill me if you have to, just please make it stop! I can’t take it!

“IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!” I heard him shout. I screamed again. My body’s rigid. I don’t think I can make it. I’m getting out of breath. Please!

“I COMMAND YOU TO LEAVE!” he shouted again. They were so persistent. They won’t let go. It’s more painful every time. I can’t take it anymore!

“IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!” he commanded with authority. They tightened their grip, their fangs getting deeper. Please! Help me! Oh GOD!

“IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!” i know what to do. I submitted, closed my eyes. PRAYED.

I see the walls and bars again.

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