Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Changing The World By Annie Percik

“I’m going to change the world!” Timmy announced.

“That’s nice, dear,” his mother, Elaine, said, barely looking up. “Could you tidy your room first, please?”

The next day, Elaine was putting out the rubbish, when she was hailed by the next door neighbour.

“Tell Timmy I said thank you!” Mrs Henderson called out, then bustled inside.

By the time Timmy got home from school, Elaine had forgotten all about it.

The day after that, Elaine met the postman on the driveway, as he was making his rounds.

“That boy of yours is a marvel,” he said with a grin, before continuing down the road.

It was a busy day, and the encounter quickly slipped Elaine’s mind.

The following day was Saturday, but Timmy was up and out of the house before Elaine had even finished getting dressed.

“Where’ve you been all day?” she asked him later.

“Out, doing stuff,” was all he would say.

Sunday morning saw a much more usual scene, with Timmy still soundly asleep as Elaine got ready for church. She was surprised, however, when the vicar hurried over to her, beaming.

“Timmy’s grown into such a thoughtful boy,” he said. “You must be very proud.”

“Of course,” Elaine replied, utterly baffled. “Why, in particular?”

The vicar gestured behind him at the flowers.

“He turned up here yesterday. It was just when the flowers turned up, and he carried them all into the church for me.” The elderly man put his hands on his hips and swivelled them with a satisfied expression. “Usually, the day after a flower delivery, I’m in agony, but today I’m fit as a fiddle!”

Elaine sat through the service, marvelling at this sudden altruistic streak in her son. When she got home, she called Timmy down to join her in the kitchen.

“The vicar told me what you did at the church yesterday,” she said, then remembered the strange conversations from earlier in the week. “Did you do something for Mrs Henderson, too?”

“Yes,” Timmy said, looking down at his hands in embarrassment. “I saw her struggling with her trolley so I carried it back from the shops for her.”

“And the postman?”

“Oh, he was over at the estate - you know, where they have letter boxes in the individual doors, rather than all in one place on the ground floor. So I took the letters and ran up and down all the stairs for him.”

“That was very nice of you,” Elaine said. “But what’s brought all this on?”

Timmy finally raised his head to meet her gaze, a look of triumph gleaming in his eyes. “It’s a project for school,” he said. “We have to come up with lots of ways to help people. I’m really enjoying it, so I’m going to make it a regular thing. Don’t you remember? I told you the other day - I’m changing the world!”

Elaine looked down at him fondly. It seemed he was changing the world - one good deed at a time.

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