Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Calais By Sophie Corben

I didn't think it could be our home, nobody did, but we all tried so heard to pretend. We ignored everyone and told each other they were just going through a rough patch and that Calais could be fun. When the guards came we didn't hide, we pretended to play cards, not that we had any. Those days we couldn't eat we would talk about grand banquets. Those days we couldn't get water, we'd try to laugh although our lips were so parched. Only I would beg for food no one else did, but I had or we would have all died. That day someone stole the last thing of Dad's we all gave up. We hadn't eaten for days, although that didn't stop us from joining the usual punch-up. We hadn't drank for over twenty hours, that didn't stop us from screaming until we were hoarse. Two hours later, two-year-old Sarah died. And then we went really wild. I can't remember what I did I just remember the red of rage and the constant scream from my mouth. So here I am, in the hospital those left from my family around me. The doctor says 'malnutrition and serious injuries from attempted suicide. I didn't commit suicide, I think as I slip away...

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