Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Born Again By Ian Boyd

He awoke from a slumber too long. When he had fallen asleep he could not recall but it had been an age ago.

His eyes were closed but all his other senses told him all around was black:total and complete black.

He felt warmth. His surroundings were not cold. Something in his new,confused mind told him he must find the source of the heat as it could only be one thing sunlight. Sunlight?

His survival, his whole existence depended on his ability to find it.

How he knew it he did not know but it was paramount critical, crucial.

But his limbs ached and they would not function. Limbs?

His cell was built with sturdy walls and he had no tools to break free. He was in possession of a body he no longer understood.

But he wanted freedom and the life that came with it. There was only one way to obtain it and he fought for it.

Slowly, ever so slowly, he made inroads into his chamber and cracks began to appear. With the last of his strength he snapped his chains. The walls of captivity had been breached.

He saw tiny rays of sunlight. They bounced off every minute droplet of moisture and created a myriad of beautiful colours. Colours?

He crawled free of his imprisonment. His shackles were shed and he had liberty.

But he was drained of energy and feeling.

He lay there motionless and vulnerable like a new born. New born?

The sunlight warmed him and he absorbed it. Every ray fed him and he began to feel his strength grow and grow. He started to climb, step by step, higher and higher and when the breeze caught him he opened his wings and flew.


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