Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Blue Dresses in Golden Meadows By Flopsy The Ultimate Fangirl

Death is quiet, blank – easy even. Life is harder. Sights sear the memory; sounds of suffering torment the mind, so I go to my meadow.

The river bubbles nearby, its waters inviting in the breeze. The flowers dance in multi-coloured skirts to the sweet singing of the green grass. Endless sky. The sun warms the earth, so as I lay there, I shall never feel cold. As my family chatter, I sit up and they have opened the picnic hamper; its riches flooding out onto the red-and-white checked blanket. Mama and Papa sit in matching yellow clothes. My brother, Sunna, in a green t-shirt, plays with his beloved birthday truck. My sister, Aysha sits in a pink dress which tributes her green eyes. She looks around and smiles.

“Come on, Kiki! Let’s eat!” I smile and stand after lying in the grass. My hair is intricately braided and I wear a blue dress. Beautiful. The meadow lurches, and my family is gone. An ethereal sunset. I have never been here before at sunset. The sun dims. I wear a ragged dress and battered leather boots. The meadow fades; all around me is golden glass - glittering dust from all those days of war. Mama screams for me.

“Kiki, hurry!” I hear annihilation . I stumble and run amid piles of rubble. We must go.

I am the last passenger on this already overcrowded boat. The motor sputters. Faster now, away from the shore, gunshots ringing in our ears.

Twilight. Looking up, the sky reminds me of my dress in the faraway meadow. We had to leave so soon. The waves pick up. A few lucky ones have lifejackets although they can’t help. We can’t swim. We hold on tight. I can see the coastline, and… an enormous wave towering above us. Too late.

Crying. Bodies hitting water. The groan as the boat splits. Underwater. I need air. I panic thrashing hard. Oxygen! I splutter, my lungs still begging for air. It is hard to swim, and I am yelling, but can only hear the waves.

Hours pass, drifting aimlessly I can see dawn is soon. Sudden light blinds me. I don't want to go! I try to swim away. Wait… it's a boat. A rescue boat! Unfamiliar hands grab mine hauling me into the boat. They talk at me with foreign words. More searching. Numb, I give in to the pull of sleep.

We dock at dawn. I wake, and look wearily around me. On the beach, I see four blanketed bundles. That shape …. I don't feel my feet run forward. Sunna? My Sunna! Sympathetic eyes watch, as I explore, then take a step back. My family stare sightlessly at me. Dead.

Lying in the meadow without its wonders, I stare up at the sky – the colour of twilight….of my dress. Tears stream down my cheeks. I can cry here and remember. The stars appear. I smile. I can lie here with the stars of hope in my meadow.

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