Tell A Tale in 500 Words

At the Stake By Carys Jones

At The Stake

By Carys Jones

Locking the door with trembling hands, Emily slowly slid to the floor, her back against the wood. Pulling herself in to a ball she placed her head in her hands and sobbed a mournful, terrible wail as her inner anguish spewed out.

Outside, beyond the frail door to her house she could hear their shouts; hungry and full of a primal desire to hunt. They would find her, it was inevitable. She had nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. All she could do now was wait.

Fear entered on silent wings one cold winter evening. It slipped in, with the townsfolk unaware, choosing to make its presence known in loaded whispers and accusations.

It had all started some few weeks prior. Vicious rumours had given birth to vile lies and their little town had quickly been whipped in to a frenzy of blood lust and poor old lady Grier had paid the ultimate price for the town’s unrest.

Closing her eyes, Emily could still hear the old woman’s anguished cries as the flames engulfed her old frame, catching upon her clothes and sending her entire body up in a frenzied blaze.

The campaign, spear headed by Thomas Freyer, became a vicious hunt. Any woman who displayed unusual traits; be it a slighter than average frame, or eyes which were crossed, would be accused of being a witch and therefore, sentenced to death.

Emily offered up a prayer to God, hoping He would hear her and by some miracle deliver her from her predicament but there had already been so much death that clearly He had forsaken the town. Thomas Freyer delivered justice now and decided upon who would live and die.

Outside the shouts grew louder as the mob grew ever nearer, brandishing their torches in the air, carving a path through the dark of night.

‘Find her!’ Thomas Freyer ordered his obedient minions. ‘We cannot let her beseech our town with her demonic craft a moment longer!’

The only mistake Emily Greene had ever made in her short life was to love a man who belonged to another. Tightening her arms around herself, she began to rock back and forth, as she would do when she was very young and had awakened from a nightmare, believing a monster to be in the room. She would sit and wait for the monster to either eat her or leave, not daring to look up and cast her eyes upon its unimaginable horror.

Suddenly the door behind her shook violently as a heavy fist pounded upon it. Emily pinched her eyes tightly shut and squeezed herself so hard that her nails drew blood. They were here.

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