Tell A Tale in 500 Words

An Unforgettable Day By Freya Monks

It was this day that kept replaying in your mind. You wished you could make it stop. 

The soft, silky duvet rubbed against your legs, as Jacob pounced on the bed, to wake you up from a deep sleep. You smiled sleepily as you stared into his piercing, clear, blue eyes and you saw your reflection. They were so comforting and warm.

He spoke to you softly about how excited he was for the day ahead.

After you queued for over an hour, apprehension ran through your body. You saw peoples smiling faces as they exited the ride, and you convinced yourself “if they can do it I can.” However, there appeared to be a problem as this was the third time you’d seen carriage number four run around the track without any passengers.

You then waited, waited, waited another 20 minutes for them to sort the problem.

Your boyfriend squeezed your hand for reassurance whilst you stepped forward to finally get seated.

Immediately, you started to regret your decision, your choice of getting on the ride as you got strapped in. However, Jacob looked at you with a smile and you felt safe again. You were checked to see if you were securely fastened, and then you took a deep breathe and you were launched onto the twisted tracks that lay ahead.

Finally you smiled as the adrenaline surged through your veins. Your heart beat quickened. Your hands curled round the harness. You dropped. You dropped. You dropped. Down. Down. Down through the earth into a black hole. You struggled to catch your breath.


You saw it. 

For a split second your heart stopped.

Panicked cries ripped through you like a shard of glass. No longer excitement, no longer exhilaration, but fear, a searing, terrible desperate fear. You felt your heart thudding through your chest. You attacked your harness desperately trying to escape impending the horror. It was going to happen.

There was no escape.

You couldn't look at Jacob. It wasn’t the last image that you wanted to see. His fear. His piercing, clear, blue eyes. Your reflection. His beautiful, petrified face, so you squeezed your eyes shut. Tight. And you prayed. For the first time ever, you prayed.

Whoosh. You felt it looping, looping, looping.

This was it.

At full speed you looped around that final loop, only metres away from the empty carriage in front.

Suddenly, everything slows down, you felt your heart thumping in your mouth. No escape. No escape. You smashed.

You heard an ear splitting sound that echoed. Pain seared through your body.

Your heart furiously leapt out of your chest, and back again. Numb. Numb. You felt numbness stretch across every inch of you. You could hear screaming. Screaming from the bowels of hell. It was you. You were screaming. You felt wet. Wet, warm and numb.

You dared to look, to look down, down at the burning. You saw blood, cascading to the canted ground below, a lagoon of crimson.

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