Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Alma and the spider By Robert Swinn

Spider giggled as they crept deftly and unnoticed through the worldly web of their victim’s world. Ever present, ever busy, spider spun their trap. Their ruse was a complex mind altering addiction into which their victims sank happily lost. It was a beautiful ambush, a dupe built into their private, exquisite, labyrinthine maize of imprisonment.

As Alma stared into the screen of her laptop a shiver ran through her other worldly conscience and she read Spider’s email with a puzzled expression ‘Other people are struggling to appreciate that they are, as much the other people to the other people, as the other people are to them. They all wish to understand, but at the same time they all wish to discover that which is beyond comprehension.’

Spider unknown to her was watching, always watching and her perception of their presence pleased and satisfied. All was going to plan, the plan to capture Alma in a silken web of flattery and falsehood, if she believed.

Life, its worries and its woe troubled her. There was no other way of expressing uncertain certainty than by saying to an alien, that doesn’t speak your language, that you don’t really know why you are where you are and/or where you are originally from. The fact you are speaking to them, however, means you are definitely here and you have definitely come from somewhere.

The spider, her spider, in its web heard her and mailed her ‘How to keep a secret of the undiscovered understanding is a question many a fly ask themselves, but what if its discovery is made beyond the realms of revelation. It is a story that can be told. To do so shall require both imagination and the awareness that it will never be known to be true until it is known, but it cannot be told to anyone after the event, even to one’s self’

This said spider set to spinning his web, possibly hers, I know not which and Alma hummed on ‘Is this the way of the world? The way to believe you know what you will one time know to be called true. Oh if only I could know how then we really make change happen.’

The spider paused in its web and if it could, it would have chuckled ‘Can she not see that such unplanned adventures can be a very big let-down if you don’t go prepared for the unexpected? Ask the fly if it flew into my web today expecting such a trap as mine? It is an undeniable truth that uncertainty stalks all life and all stories of life and all stories shall end with this ancient new beginning.’

The fly buzzed its last flinching buzz, as the spider’s venom sent it to its maker and as she put her laptop to sleep, Alma’s last thought of the day was whether the next life was a return to early days, or an elevation to an undreamt of higher form beyond her spidery imaginings?

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