Tell A Tale in 500 Words

Addiction By Bridie Banwell

Addiction By Bridie Banwell

I should have listened to the warnings, when first we were introduced all those years ago. They told me you were not to be trusted. They told me I would regret having anything to do with you. They told me you were poison.

I instantly and completely fell under your spell. Soon my longing for you was almost unbearable, when you were not close at hand. How could the pleasure you brought me ever be harmful?

What a fool I have been! Now I have to face the consequences. You are slowly, but surely killing me. I have to give you up or it will be the end of me.

How can I go on without you in my life? The very thought of enduring the rest of my life, forgoing your own special brand of pleasure is unthinkable.

The hunger for you gnaws at my belly. My brain cannot find peace and calm. A hive of busy, buzzing bees have taken up residence inside my poor aching head. The incessant noise is driving me to distraction. My palms are clammy with glistening beads of perspiration. My nerves are strung so taught it is unbearable. It feels as though I am being swallowed whole, submerged and slowly drowning on the inside.

There is no comfort to be gained for me. The suffering is already an intolerable form of torture. Yet I know this special relationship is now finally at an end. The words of the Doctor are imprinted on my mind, burning like a brand.

‘The x-rays show you have extensive damage to your lungs. Partly from the Pneumonia on the left side of your lung; but smoking has left its own dark shadow.’

I attempt to digest this information, but before it sinks in, the Doctor adds.

‘There is a large tumour on the right lung, as yet we cannot tell, but you have to undergo some tests. It will mean major surgery to remove the tumour!’

The tears unbidden escape my eyes and drip down my cheeks like a fast flowing cascade. I take the balled up and inadequate tissues from my pocket, but they are all too soon sodden. The Doctor picks up the phone and seconds later there is a knock at the door and a nurse enters the room.

‘Please come with me I will take you to my office.’

I am dismissed and follow the nurse. As we enter another office she bids me to take a seat, then hands me a booklet. I glance at the title and in shock notice the label stuck to the front reads (Lung Cancer). My life in rapid scenes flashes into my brain. The shadows from the x-ray foretell an early warning of death, or maybe I will be one of the lucky ones. I have no choice but to give up on you right now no matter what the repercussions. Even after receiving this horrific piece of news my craving for a cigarette will not cease!


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