Tell A Tale in 500 Words

A Tale of Two Creatures By Cat Arn

“If only they could see that I am real,” thought the stuffed dog. He wrinkled his nose in his mind, but alas, on his white plastic face, there was no wrinkle to see. He watched through the window with envy as his owner played with a real dog outside in the yard, throwing a ball for the real dog to fetch. He watched the little terrier wag his tail with his tongue hanging out, trotting gleefully after the ball.

“If you want them to see that you are real, you need to become real,” said a purring voice to his side. He couldn’t turn his face to see who had spoken it, but he knew it was the family cat. How was it possible that she had heard him? He did his best to look at her through the side of his eye.

“How did you read my mind? How do I become real?” he asked the cat, in wonder and curiosity. His tiny white body would have trembled with excitement, had he only been able to tremble. Alas as it was, he could not move.

“Why, all cats can read minds. Even the minds of stuffed dogs. To become real, you must focus on moving one paw and think of nothing else until it moves. After that, focus on your body part by part until each part moves. Suddenly one day, you will become real,” said the cat, purring with pleasure at her own wisdom.

“Why, thank you cat! That is very kind of you to help me..why would you help me?” asked the white dog, feeling his good luck might be too good to be true.

“Cats are much kinder than you realize, I help people and animals all the time, but usually they forget. I don’t remind them,” said the cat, stretching its paws forward and sighing a meow.

The stuffed dog did as the cat instructed, and after a year, he became real. He walked for the first time, moving one leg slowly after another. Before he went to show his owner he had become real and could now play fetch, he wanted to see the cat that had changed his fate.

“Thank you for telling me how to become real, I couldn’t have done it without you,” he said softly to the cat. It was the first time anyone had helped him and the first time he had ever thanked someone. The cat eyed him.

“Remember what I have done for you, and one day, help another creature without expecting anything in return. That is the way of the cat - the secret way of the cat.” The dog, now a real white dog, swore to do as she asked.

“One final thing,” said the cat. “Never forget - if a dream can come true for you, it can come true for anyone.” The cat purred and sauntered off, turning back just once to glance with tenderness at the lonely dog that had come to life.

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