Tell A Tale in 500 Words

A New Beginning By Dacey Matthews

My name is Millie and I was a servant. If I am to tell you my story, it’s best if I start at the beginning.

I was only seven years old when I lost my mother. She left behind my father and I. A few years later when I was ten years old my father went to market and never returned. I stayed in the cottage for as long as I could, hoping he would come back. After a week a woman came to the door and told me her name was Annabelle Richards and that she lived in the manor house a few miles away. She wore a beautiful dress.

I explained to her my mother and father were no longer around. Mrs. Richards was horrified by this and offered me a job as a servant in return for a place to stay.

I lived a happy life for two years but it all changed when Mrs. Richards died from a terrible illness. This meant that her daughter took over and for the next six years she made us miserable. Her name was Lydia and for some reason she gave me the worst jobs.

Everyday I had to wake up at five o’clock to start work at quarter past five. I worked until eleven at night and got one break for five minutes. Even though the days were long I made a friend called Megan. She was the same age as me and we laughed when Lydia wasn’t listening.

Miss Lydia told me to go to the market. She thought this would make me upset as she thought it would remind me of father. I didn’t mind though because it meant for three hours I was free. When I returned I gave Lydia the flowers I’d bought and she told me that she was getting married. I knew this meant there would be more jobs than we ever had before. Megan and I spoke about who would be stupid enough to marry Lydia. We wondered who the dodo was.

He came over a few weeks later. I almost fainted when I saw him. Of all the people it could have been, it was my father. I was shocked and angry. By the look on his face, I think he remembered me.

Later that day Megan asked me to explain everything. I could hardly speak because I was crying so much.

We decided it was time to run away. We hatched a plan to take what little savings we had and run away to London. We had seventy pounds between us and figured we could hitch a ride to London and pay for a room that lasted at least a month. We also needed to find jobs as fast as we could.


It was two months later. We both had a job; Megan and I worked at a bookshop. Every day they’re where two boys who came to buy flowers one for me and one for Megan.

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