Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

The unknown death By gemini cayless

As I sat up in my creaky bed I heard a scream come from outside.I stepped foot outside on the cold concrete floor and opened the barn doors.I crept around slowly until I built up the confidence to stand up straight,as I did I felt a drop hit my head and steadily trickle down the back of my neck I felt it and as I looked at my hand,red,I looked up in confusion and to my amazement there was a body covered in blood hanging from a noose attached to the top of the barn roof and a ladder had fallen onto the hay bails.I ran back to the house and rang the police.I waited...and waited...and waited,no sign of them,no sign of anyone.I went to see if anything had happened to the body since I was gone.The body was laying on the floor in a puddle of blood but the noose had not snapped.BANG! a hay bail had fallen over behind me and a tall man in a hooded cloak was staring straight at me.He walked slowly toward me and I backed away until I had hit my back against the barn wall he continued to edge closer to me.I slouched down onto the floor and shut my eyes tight,I felt a gust of wind lay over my face like a blanket and I haistily opened my eyes,he was gone.I got up brushed myself off and went back to the house.I went up to my room and sat on my bed, I layed down and I unknowingly saw a piece of paper stuck to the ceiling.It read,you did not see anything and you did not tell anyone this never happened.

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