Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

The Suprise call... By Yahvi Marwaha

It was 10pm on Christmas eve. I was expecting my manager's call to discuss our company's Christmas party arrangements. Slouched and fatigued in my chair, I heard the ticking of the clock which hypnotised me to sleep.

Suddenly, the phone started to ring. Excitedly, I sprinted towards the phone and held it close to my ear.

" Silent night... Holy night!" the husky, haunting voice sang. " I was standing outside your front door, watching you closely, then I came into your bedroom, and now..." BEEP! The person hung up.

My heart skipped a beat. I ran upstairs and checked all the bedrooms and saw nothing. Convinced it was a prank, I walked into the bathroom to prepare for sleep; I was almost certain that my manager wouldn't call me this late at night.

I brushed my teeth adequately so each tooth shined as though my mouth was a phosphoric sea of glistening white snow. I rinsed my mouth and patted it dry with my towel only to see that as I glanced up at the mirror, my reflection appeared to have a macabre smile with a cadaverous face.

" Silent night... Holy night!" it sang back at me.

There was nothing wrong with the mirror...

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