Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

The side we hide By Natalie Sahlin

The old hospital was as old as time itself. The elevator a relic, that with great effort took him to the third floor. The plastic carpet he walked on that had seen better days. The green wallpaper that looked like it wanted to drop, but somehow managed to stay upright. Walking along the hall he could hear the music in his mind, somber and yet dramatic. He knew that as soon as he crossed that line, walked into that room, everything would change. He would change, and become that person.

The one that he loved and despised.

Then he was there, the door creaking as always as he entered. It was as always dark, but as he flipped the switch located next to him the room bathed in a soft glow. Despite being so deep inside the old building he could hear the wind howl.

It sounded like a protest.

Turning he met her eyes. Beautiful tearful eyes, blinking in the light after being confined to the dark for the better part of the night.

“I’m here now” he whispered, stroking her cheek.

She moaned pitifully.

“Sch. It’s alright, I won’t have to leave for quite a while now”

His pager made a clattering sound as he placed it none to gently on the shiny metal desk next to him, the sound of plastic meeting metal causing a faint echo in the small room. The hand stroking her cheek pulled her hair behind her ear and he smiled. She really was quite beautiful. He opened the drawer and removed the items he had last used, and enjoyed the way her eyes widened in despair. She had of course known this was coming, but had yet hoped against hope that it wouldn’t.

“I’m afraid this will hurt somewhat love”

The first one to hold it still, the other to slice and she groaned, tears falling freely even though he knew that too, must be hurting her. Those salty tears could be as bad as anything else he supposed.

He chewed slowly, tasting everything.

“It’s wonderful” He told her, and she tried to speak.

He almost wished that he hadn’t eaten her tongue.

He continued, only pausing to whisper encouraging words to her as the wind continued to rave outside. At last he stopped, having a feeling that he had already spent too long here this time and soon it would come to an end. No sooner had the thought entered his mind that his pager beeped, signaling that yes, his break was now over. Carefully placing his cutlery in the same drawer he closed it and leaned over to meet her eyes.

“I’ll be back at 5, love”

Walking out, he felt energized and as he reached the end of hallway his smile shifted and he adjusted his nametag.


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