Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

The Section Act By Caroline Thomas

The Section Act

It might be possible, of course, that far from being one, we may possess two selves

'cos I think I'm a lovely person

no other ugly bugger does tho

save the kids

"Have a sedative, Sir"

For example, my Facebook page is supposed to be taken in a humorous fashion, in jest, to raise an eyebrow here and there and get creative juices flowing. However after one post, I was cruelly laid off. I believe the precise quote was, " 2 days off for a sore head, I'm off to spend the weekend in with a box of tissues and dollyoaks."

now I've lost my job of eight years

for the sake of a fucking Facebook post

"Just read your file," instructed the policewoman

I admit it don't look good

but that's not who I am

I was starving to death and the voices wouldn't shut up

but they have now, not had them for time

A note on the usage of CCTV if you don't mind. Could not cameras be used to survey good as well as evil? Just last week I gave five pounds worth of food to a tramp and took my elderly neighbour's recycling out with my own? Could these acts of humanity not be taken into account when assassinating my character? For at the moment you imply you perceive me as a deranged drug addict, you recorded smashing neighbours...

for the last god-dam time that was an accident they set me up

you set me up

that's entrapment

ow my cuffs are too tight

I'm choking

I'm not joking around my heart rate is dangerously high and I suffer terribly with angina, please don't talk to me that way, may I call my wife, I beg of you

fat cow

no not a cell the fucker's haunted, I meant my cuffs are rather tight and you are being so consistently rude

just let me, bee

I'm well nice, I love the old fuzz

fit as that's what I always say, I'm forever defending you

not that everyone else don't love you

can I take a bible in my cell please

for company with the toilet

I will not be able to sleep love trust me

don't look at me like that

unless you want to join me

god-dammit why are you being so harsh?

you in your fancy uniform

that could just as easily be me

I went to 'uni, got my degree

I just fell in with the wrong crowd

it's just my head, my mind, does strange things when I'm depressed

I say bad things I shouldn't

it's like a darkness takes over

I am eternally blighted

a thick fog and nothing can stop it

but the tiniest thing can start it


like a nasty word from one of yous

or them

or whoever the fuck won't stop bugging me

see what I'm saying I'm Mr. Nice

Didn't mean to splice her

Go easy on me please?

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