Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

The Narcissist By Mairi Logie

The Narcissist

She leaned over the battlements. There was no way she would survive the fall. The city stretched below full of people who did not care whether she lived or died.

She thought back to when he joined her work. He was above average height. He obviously took time over his appearance. His hair was always very neat, his suits well cut and he favoured expensive shoes in the latest style.

She was surprised he was checking her out. He seemed to be slightly obsessed with her. Whenever she looked up he was passing by her desk or staring at her across the room. The intensity of his stare made her feel uncomfortable but she was flattered. When she found out he was married with a young child she thought maybe that was why he never actually approached her or tried to talk to her.

She couldn’t remember the last time a reasonably attractive man had paid her any attention. She lived alone and life, she had to admit, was not interesting.

He was an IT guy and had access to everyone’s accounts. She realised he was messing about with hers. He was reading her emails and he was gathering personal information about her. This would appear in his updates on the running website he used to record his times. She looked him up on social media and this was the only account that was not password protected.

She started to make up stories. He must have a very unhappy marriage, his wife was probably a bitch. She wouldn’t put pressure on him, she realised he was in a difficult situation, after all he had a small child that he couldn’t just abandon.

He had cold blue eyes. His small office was pathologically tidy, his car spotless, now it was winter he must clean it every evening. He became animated when he talked about money at other times his talk was impersonal and analytical. She couldn’t remember him saying anything particularly funny or interesting but, too late, she was now obsessed with him.

Just before Christmas she was leaving a Sainsbury’s local with a meal for one when she saw him. He was with his wife and child. He walked past her without acknowledgment and she felt as though a knife had been stuck in her heart.

She waited and followed them at a distance. They walked up to the castle. He was the devoted husband. And now she looked over the battlements and considered her bleak lonely future and wondered if throwing herself off might be a better option.

The family stood beside a giant Christmas tree. His phone rang and he walked over to the edge of the battlements to answer it. She followed and heard him say,

“I can’t see you tonight I’m with my family.”

She tapped him on the shoulder. He spun round in surprise, lost his footing on the wet cobbles and tipped backwards over the battlements into space. She smiled with satisfaction.

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