Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

The Eyes By Jacques Bonnett

Fear is a feeling which is all around us; it is inescapable. You will always have fear; it is as certain as death.

Jack opens his eyes; he looks around. He sees the window, outside a tree and in the branches, two eyes staring at him and he doesn't know what to do or what to say. He thinks about it in his head, so many voices yelling at him. He rolls over and closes his eyes.

Additionally, he has a feeling of entrapment inside his cranium, because of the voices.

He goes about his normal day trying not to think about what he saw, but he cannot; he is distressed.

He goes home as he usually does; it is a long walk. He feels followed; he is scared, he looks around and in the corner he sees them again.

He snaps around and runs. He cannot escape it and he catches him no matter how far he runs, no matter how fast he runs.

Those are the eyes of something supernatural, something that is made to scare people, something that will never stop.

He goes to bed, but not to sleep; he cannot sleep. He looks out the window again and there they are. His head starts to boil, it feels like it is going to burst.

The voices have changed they scream at him, telling him to do things, things he would never do, never say, he screams at the eyes “stop it!” The voices stop, but only for a second and then they start and do not stop, but when the sun comes up they stop , the eyes disappear and all is as it was.

He lays in bed. Then, he sits up; he has a tint in his eye, reminiscent of the eyes he keeps seeing. He gets up and goes about his normal routine, but on the way home after the sun has gone down, he sees them again. He hears them again.

He sees a lady, an old lady; he runs to her and pleads for help. He tries to explain, but the lady pulls a cross out and says,’’As long as I have this I will be fine’’. When she pulled out the cross, the voices stop. The eyes disappear, but when she puts it away, they start again. She walks away and Jack runs.

He runs home and slams the door. The night repeats, but this time in the morning, his eyes are the ones in the tree. He lost; he agrees with the voices, he gets up and goes about his usual day, but this time, everyone he sees he kills.It might be possible, of course, that far from being one, we may possess two selves. The eyes won. Jack the Ripper is the eyes and the eyes are Jack.

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