Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

The Beast Within By Gary Gardiner

Nellie is 8 year’s old, every one would say she was so perfect and polite and clever. And she was, but she had a dark side. She kept all the anger inside but when it gets too much  Nellie turned into A BEAST. She would lock herself away when it happens. But one day it was too much for her and she was so annoyed she broke the bars.

You could hear deafening screaming all through town. Except one person. Oliver knew it was Nellie, for Oliver is Nellie’s best friend. Oliver ran as fast as he could towards the beast. Oliver looked on his computer. He typed “beast within”. It came up with a riddle ”if you stab the beast with a knife it will live. If you stab  it with something bigger than a knife but smaller than a sword, it will die and the person will be free”    

Oliver immediately responded and said “that’s it, a dagger”. He ran into his granddad’s house. There were lots of weapons.

“Grandad!!!” shouted Oliver, out of breath. He appeared out of a room. “I need to use your dagger”.  

“I gave it to Roger”. Said the old chap.

“ROGER? GRANDPA!! He's evil” said Oliver

“Well i think you should get on it then” said granddad.  

Oliver sighed in frustration “you've been a great help!” he snapped, sarcastically.

He chapped on rogers door who quickly opened it and said “halo bro yo mo” in the usual way.

Oliver hesitated, Roger said “now what do you want”.

Oliver just screamed “I NEED TO USE YOUR DAGGER”

“No way. This bad boy’s staying with me!”

Oliver held his breath and charged at him grabbing the dagger as he went.

Oliver was looking for some kind of trail and the first thing he saw was a bin. It was a very full bin so it wasn't a nice sight having it tipped over and everything gushing out but it was good to know she went that way. Oliver carried on running he came to a forest. He got a glance of the beast and his mouth fell open. She was hairy and black fur was across her mouth, which was as big as a car. The beast let out a ferocious roar.

A couple of seconds later Nellie was out of sight. Oliver came to a fork in the road, put his finger to his lip and thought where is the next clue. There was a red bull can on the side of the tree it was squished and ripped. He thought it could be another clue.

There he saw the beast. Oliver walked over one leg in front of the other. The beast looked down and growled in a soft voice. Out of his bag he took the dagger. Nelly’s eyes widened, and Oliver stabbed the beast. The beast disappeared and Nellie was finally free.

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