Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

Reflections By Natasha Rajendram

Anna did not want to get up, but threw her sheets aside and walked up to the body sized mirror in the corner of the room. Slipping out of her nightgown, she gasped. She still wasn’t used to the sight of herself. Tears burned in her eyes as she moved her hands over her breasts, down her stomach to her thighs. The scars made her shudder, made her hate the burns covering her body, made her loathe that she was saved just to look like this.

‘You should have died in that fire,’ she whispered, looking herself right in the eye.

‘Who would want to touch this? Who would want to run their hands over your scarred, ribbed skin, and fuck you?’ She stood there, scolding her reflection, wishing it would all just go away. Showers were still painful, her healing skin still sensitive to pressure, temperature. Picking out clothes was a nuisance. Skirts couldn’t be too short, shirts had to cover up her arms and breast. Going outside was even worse. Women everywhere wearing low cut tops and shorts short enough to see the curvatures of their behinds. How nice it must be to love your body and flaunt it at your will. Anna started every day with anger pulsing through her veins and ended every night with shame and disgust. She could feel herself slipping further into this black hole that was her depression, but how could she not when everything around her seemed to remind her of her deformed body. But today was different. She was tired of looking at herself, of looking this way. Her hand tightened around the hammer. She’d do it this time. She’d imagined smashing the hammer down on that glass a billion times. How good it would feel to see her reflection crack and shatter, disappear. That other her, the her she had to constantly look in the eye, the her she hated, would be dead. She was ready. One last look in the mirror. She mouthed the words goodbye when she saw her reflection blink. She took a step back; not entirely sure she saw what she thought she saw. There was no way. She moved closer, watching the girl in the mirror imitate her exactly. Hammer in one hand, confused expression on her face, it was all there. Anna took a deep breath and watched her do the same. But when Anna lifted her hand to press it against the cool glass surface, her reflection did not. Anna felt her heart drop, her rapid breath fogging up the reflecting surface. Suddenly her reflection smiled at her. A sweet smile with a hint of menace. Anna’s sweaty palms were still pressed to the glass. The other her moved her hand up to meet Anna’s. When Anna dared to look into her eyes she could see the madness. This person in the mirror had Anna’s sweet smile, and her pretty features. But buried in the green of her eyes was pure crazy.


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