Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

My Vampire Crush By Alice Wilmot

When I watch him play, his body entails into the instrument. Everything syncs together like the notes which play through the strings. His hair droops down to one side and his forehead creases each time the sound deepens in the music. I open the door slightly as the sound becomes crescendo. The noise freaks me I trip over the cello case and fall on the floor head first. I hear chuckling in the background as I lay embarrassed of what just happened to me.

“Why are you so clumsy?”

The familiar smiley face greets me with a smile. His hand invites me to be uplifted. I grab it as he pulls me up off the floor. He strokes the side of my face.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

I laugh anxiously. Boys never talk to me or even acknowledge me. I feel so invisible 24/7. Maybe I shouldn’t moan about this now, I have someone’s attention. His face scrunches slightly. He looks concerned.

“Is everything alright?” I ask.

“Blood, you have a lot of blood pouring, pouring down your face.”

I touch the side of my face and wince. I look down to my hands which are covered in my own red haemoglobin. He starts to become beady-eyed. His thangs drop in his mouth. His breathing becomes heavier as he creeps closer towards me. I walk backwards towards the door. He traps me and lifts his head. I hit him round the face and he lands in front of me.


I run out the room and towards the toilets. At the corner of my eye, I see him running, his eyes fixed onto my skull, the smell of my bleeding flesh on the end of his nostrils. My heartbeat becomes faster and louder that I can hear it. My palms are sweating, my head is sweating, and my body is shaking. He is after me and I have no escape plan.

I pass the toilet door and look around the corridor for another escape route. I see the exit to the courtyard ahead. I keep running, keep pacing, and keep trying to reach for the door.


I’m trapped.

I am stuck.

This is the end. He brushes my hair to one side. I feel his nose rub against my neck. He pulls the skin, lifts his head above me and forces his teeth into my skin. I let out an almighty scream. I feel my venom drip and spill all over my body. I feel a rush of adrenaline in my body. I flashback to the time I first met him and now he has made me one of him, one of them. My vampire history was vague until this moment. It’s like I am being given knowledge through no knowledge at all. I feel my eyes shut.

I wake up to the sound of him shaking me.

“Bethany… Bethany… Bethany.”

I look up him holding me in a hospital bed.

“I am so sorry.”

What an idiot.


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