Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

Murderous Duality By Cara Saunders

History: Male born 2112, orphaned in 2117 due to a house fire. Forenames: Aiden. Surnames: Davu. Rating: 50%.

It is madness how my entire life can be summed up and spat out by a machine. Around one hundred years ago technology was just a seed of hope, but now it controls our lives.

Every person is scanned into the system. The system looks at your upbringing, significant life events and then it generates a percentage. This dictates how successful your life will be. The wealthy families usually score around 70% which allows their children to be educated. The lower percentages are typically labelled as criminals or used to test medicine for the higher percentages. Unfortunately for me I have no family.

Yesterday, I was at my usual appointment and something strange happened. After a dose of green liquid my percentage fluctuated to 100% but then fell straight down to 0%. Then I had a vision. I was back in my family home; my mother was cooking but it all turned orange. A symphony of blood curdling screams resonated. Embers rose. I saw a painting of myself burn. I woke covered in blood as though someone had been clawing at my body.

Today, I am on my way to the rehabilitation centre again.

An emaciated looking doctor with his bony physique and pale skin calls to me. “Why do you think we keep you here and not locked in a cell?”

I stutter, “To test medicine?”

He replies, “We have been working on a drug that can reveal the true nature of the human soul. We believe it might be possible, of course, that far from being one, we may possess two selves. And if we can eliminate the low percentage that is repressed within all of us, we can live a life of pure good.”

At that moment, they hold me down and pressing a large needle filled with a red liquid into my temple. The pain spreads like wildfire. The burning sensation grows from my head to my heart then floods my whole body. The large needle drops to the floor as I try to free myself from the restraints.

For a moment it is quiet. My percentage drops to 0%. The ghoulish doctor comes close to my face. “Am I speaking to Aiden?” and a haunting voice replies from my mouth “That young boy deserved to die in the fire.”

“Did you start the fire that killed your mother, farther and two sisters?” and again the ghastly voice replied, “It was ME.”

The doctor gives me a dose of the green liquid. Almost instantly I feel better and go back up to 50%. But horror soon sets in when I realise what I have done.

Needless to say; they never did let me stay 50% for long after that. I will rot in a lab eternally, fluctuating in the murderous state of my duality until they can find a way to destroy half of my soul.

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