Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

MR GENTLE By Christine Law

Johnnie Gentle looked at himself in the mirror the internet was a great way to meet victim' s they only had themselves to blame,those silly stupid impetuous woman. His eyes lit up thinking how he had charmed his latest victim "Oh babe I'm sorry please forgive me."What do they expect when they take his money meals out, taxis and flowers cost money. Relaxing in the grounds of my castle in Budapest there's a price to be paid A flicker flame as I run the candle up and down your bare leg. Sometimes the process is slow once you have drank the formula hidden in your champagne. Other times I wont you to explode like a fire work. Your friends and family think I'm marvellous working at the hospital looking after sick children so warm and compassionate. They are surprised when you hang yourself from the rafters of your penthouse, villa in France or small down town flat. Your fate is sealed my dear, on our first date as I hand you the rose in the restaurant or chose coffin flowers. Sometimes I find you sitting alone vulnerable in the pub your date as let you down I'm a good listener you fall under my spell no one can hear your screams as the rope is twisted around your pretty little neck your eyes bulge what a shame. Now rope burns really turn me on, Its the climax as you struggle to breath more exciting than the sex. You still come back for more I'm so charming and polite, the shock when I laugh as your eyes bulge while your life ebbs away goodbye my darling till we meet again. My dear you should never play games with me I'm well out of your league. The bite marks as the rope tightens its all part of the game and I always win. It might be possible, of course, That far from being one, we possess two selves.

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