Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

Mirror By Jamie Reid

Okay. If I must tell you;I will. It happened whilst I was in the bathroom. The mirror was dirty and as I was wiping it down, I saw a sudden movement. I checked behind me and there was nothing. That’s when I noticed it-that exact moment-my reflection was getting darker. I looked out of the window and saw a low drizzle had fallen. I figured that must be the reason for the sudden change in skin tone on my reflection. I thought of my parents, who were out of town for the weekend. A shiver ran down my spine when I heard the knock, I started to walk towards the door, so as to go downstairs and get the door. That was when I heard the knock behind me, an urgent sounding knock. I was frozen in place, afraid to turn around…

When I look back I see that maybe I shouldn’t have turned around, maybe I should have ran. Maybe I should have ran out of the house and called my mother. But I couldn’t have done anything else as we live in the most isolated area in all of the U.K. So I turned around, and my heart stopped. I looked up towards the window, nothing. I was confused, when my eyes fell on the mirror. My reflection remained and my breath gets caught in my throat. Slowly I stepped forward, afraid of what I may find. At the mirror, I saw the hand, my hand reaching forward. Was it true was there another world and another place

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