Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

Kevin Hummings By Tavinder New

Kevin Hummings

Kevin Hummings had luscious hair, cheekbones and broad shoulders

proportioned to the rest of his god like body. His eyes were green and bright, once

you stared into them you were transformed into another world.

The latest film which he acted in ‘Assignment 101’ had raving reviews: ‘What a

film!’, ‘Kevin looks incredible in this movie’, ‘What another blockbuster!’

Screaming fans ‘KEVIN KEVIN’ they shouted outside the cinema, all crowded,

huddled together like penguins, collapsing on top of each other to get a photograph.

He was like a King to his subjects: tall, grand, rich and admired by everyone. His

latest movie had made over $20 million dollars in the first couple of weeks.

‘How do you do it Kevin?’

‘Every film you make reaching number one?’

‘Hard work and dedication’

He was admired and loved by millions.

‘Kevin are you dating anyone?’

‘Will you marry me?’

‘I love you Kevin’.

Kevin Hummings

His previous girlfriends were never famous, he was known for dating ‘normal

women’, which made him more popular as his Twitter account where he was

followed by twelve million viewers: [email protected] Hummings.

Kevin opened the door of his Los Angeles home. The splendour of the mansion

was magical: chandler, a tall staircase slithering and turning towards the top floor,

while the red carpet lay awaiting like a rose fresh on the floor for his footprints. But

he never made any.

He walked upstairs, the winding staircase to his bedroom door which he shut

quickly and quietly. The mirror was tall, grand, glistening like jewels sparking. But

with no reflection of his body as he stood in front of it.

He pulled the bookcase next to it, the particular book his favourite Jekyll and Hyde

as he thought it had a touch of irony.

The bookcase groaned as it opened to the cellar, as he walked down. The

servants knew not to disturb Mr Hummings once he was at home. He was in his

creative space they thought, getting prepared for his next role. But Kevin was down

in his cellar, admiring the bones from the various girls he had dated.

Their rotten smell was like perfume to his nostrils as he had pierced their throats

with his teeth, and had crushed their bodies with his bare hands like a cracker.

He stood in awe of their bodies that gave him immortality, he would not shrink or

dishevel away like other men. He would be youthful and to admire for his beauty,

talent and wealth. No none would guess that was his true identity, this world was

superficiality. It was about money, fame, talent. Not the true depth of a person.

So he knew that it might be possible, of course, that far from being one, we may

possess two selves. That his Vampire true self could exist in this world and survive

on the blood of women who trusted this persona of the actor: Kevin Hummings.


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