Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

Just Not Himself By Terri Corbett

Just Not Himself

The room was in darkness apart from the flickering light that shone from the candles dotted around the room. Dangling from the high ceilings were caldrons; witches brooms, black capes, everything to make it the best frightening weekend ever.

Jehllkedy was in control, his mind belonged to him, the tonic was working.

The tornado of swirling wind and heavy rain that pounded the cliff edge was nothing more than a distant irritation, never penetrating the thick Gothic walls to cause anxiety.

“Stop asking me if I’m okay for God’s sake.” Jehllkedy said.

“I didn’t mean anything by it, just wanted to make sure, you know.” Harriot said.

Jehllkedy fingered the bottle of tablets in his pocket for reassurance.

“Sorry, don’t know what’s wrong with me.”

“You’re like a bear with a sore head. Why can’t you be that happy go lucky fella I fell in love with.” Harriot said with a nervous smile.

“Sorry, I’ll try to be better I promise.”

“There’s your brother, come on he’s saving our seats.”

The melodious music in the background wasn’t to his taste.

“Hi there, you all right Jehllody, sorry Jehllkedy? Honestly that’s a ridiculous name, can’t I just call you by your proper name?”

“I think it’s cute, he’s really taking this goth thing seriously.” Harriot said.

Stupid bitch why did she have to say that? Jehllkedy thought. His head began throbbing, his whole body felt jittery, overheated. People dressed in black elaborate costumes, flowed in and out of his vision, alarming him.

“Logan won’t be happy us taking his seat.” Jehllkedy said.

“Let me worry about that bully.” Bradley said.

“I’ll get the drinks in, shall I?” Jehllkedy said.

“The usual for us lad.” Bradley said.

“And for me.” Harriot added.

“Has he been okay?” Bradley asked, when Jehllkedy was out of earshot.

“Yeah, well, okay I suppose.” Harriot said, looking back over her shoulder for fear of being overheard.

“I hope so, we don’t want any episodes in here.” Bradley said with doubt in his eyes.

“He’s been working on a cure at the science lab.”

Bradley shrugged his shoulders. “Doctors have been trying for years with no luck.”

Just then Logan appeared with his entourage of friends.

“Hi Bradley, I see you’ve made yourself comfortable.” Logan said.

“Yeah I have as a matter of fact.” Bradley said.

“Now we don’t want any trouble, do we? I always sit here, now move.” Logan said his dark eyes filled with a threat of menace.

“Look, we don’t want any trouble Logan; you can have it back next time.” Bradley said in a friendly manner.

Logan’s features darkened further, his fists clenched tight, he nodded to his friends and they closed in.

Out of the blue a savage attack from behind was launched at Logan and his friends. Nobody knew what it was, a wild animal? A savage beast? Whatever it was it began tearing them apart. Within a few minutes the room was littered with blood and gore.

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