Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

Grim school day By Thomas Knight

They are here. The Xcarrlar. 'Ghastly figures' attacking school in the dead of day. My school, under threat and attack. This day: a living nightmare. Daemon-like beasts battling their way through the whole building. They have for ten minutes now, which is why I am running rapidly.

Jack is with me too. As I dart away from them, my heart intensely hits me. My breaths racing to me even quicker. Shooting down the science corridor. Us dashing away. Whirling round. Faster. Quicker. Heavier. Swifter. Speedier. Running, running, running... Until a dead end!

I hit a wall, I startled as I realised that Jack was not with me. What am I going to do? These heinous monsters could easily hunt me down and swipe me out the way they devoured Mr Nerten in front of my very eyes, before having shoved one objectionable hand in him. That maniac seized and clutched his oozing heart. Proof I have to be careful.

But then on the spur of the moment, Jack pops up by toilets. He makes me leap out my skin! He tells me we will have to go into a classroom and lock ourselves in there. (Just to stay safe – we can't get out of the school.) Jack is my best friend. He is clever and funny. He is serious too! There is just never a dull moment with him! That is why we will always stick together in deadly times like these. I am so happy I have someone I can truly trust.

Jack tells me not to worry. He tells me that when we get inside the classroom we will have nothing to worry about, that everything will be fine. Nevertheless, I am not too confident. We carry on though past history, now made a living world war three bombshell by the murderous, man-eating monsters. Zooming past geography and the other humanities classrooms. Then we twist around the hallway bend and into the arts department. "Fashion classroom over here!" Jack whispers to me.

Once we enter inside, Jack reassures me that they now can't hurt us both. I cry. He then hugs me. He pulls away though when he viciously coughs. I've never heard of this sort of cough. I feel odd. Still... The main thing is that we finally lost them, No more Xcarrlar. Jack is right, what have we got to worry about?

But it is Jack though that I worry about now. His coughs now are more frequent. "Jack, are you ok? Whats wrong? Why do you keep cough ever so nastily and painfully sounding? "

"I am perfectly -"

Cough! "I'm fine! Don’t worry about me! Or the Xcarrlar monsters, as they call themselves! Like I keep saying, everything is fine! You've got me..."

Later, we hear noises. Jack goes to the door, then back. He chokes. I run to him and feel something heavy. His heart plummets to the ground. He stands. "I've waited for this!" My fears are confirmed: He is an Xcarrlar!

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