Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

Green Eyes By Andrea Wood

A snowflake flutters gently downwards, and lands delicately on the fur hood of a winter jacket. A woman sits lifeless, leaning against a dirty white wall. Towering above the body, the silhouette of a person can be made out. Bells ring in the distance, breaking the stiff silence of the night. The person bites their lip and giggles to themself. Blood stains the cobbles as the person’s boots can be heard striding away.

Maude Green lays her head against a slender pine tree and brushes away the snow that has accumulated on her black coat. She checks the time on her phone: 12:47. She sighs, stands up, and stretches her legs. She walks brusquely to her car and starts up the engine. Checking herself in her rearview mirror, she notices something stains her cheek. She wipes it off with a shrug, and starts driving to her flat.

Darkness envelops the streets of London, but as she drives past an alleyway she can’t help but see a streak of crimson in the pure white snow. She parks her car and takes a tentative look. Following the trail of crimson into the alley, she notices a shape blanketed in snow. Shaking, Maude brushes away the snow to reveal a cold, lifeless green eye. Letting out a muffled scream, she falls backwards in surprise, landing in the snow. Gasping for breath, she scrambles away, back to the light of a streetlamp. Immediately, she pulls out her phone and dials the police. Crying, Maude tries to explain to the operator what happened when she finds her tongue seems glued to the top of her mouth, and as she tries to speak, no sound escapes her lips. Flinging her phone into the snow in anger, she watches as the screen shatters and shards of glass fly and land without sound.

In the corner of her eye, she sees the lifeless, piercing green eyes of the limp body seem to be staring into her own. She sits alone in the snow, paralyzed in fear, her vision blurry. She hears footsteps circling around her; the crunching of the snow underfoot echoes in her ears. Through her blurred, tear-filled eyes she makes out the silhouettes of people circling her dauntingly. She shakes her head violently, and glances around her. The sounds of the footsteps have stopped, and no longer are there any people. Glancing at the snow around her she sees them - thousands of footprints circle around her, their shapes imprinted into the snow.

Hyperventilating, Maude runs back to her car, feeling as though she's being chased, and locks the doors when she's in. A deep feeling of dread fills the pit of Maude's stomach. As a force of habit, Maude glances into her rearview mirror, and sees a pair of piercing green eyes staring at her.

"Why did you kill me, Maude?"

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