Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

Darkness Closing In By Callum Bond

Darkness Closing In

I am writing this in the hope that someone reads it. It may be too late; the shadows may have already become too strong and this may disappear as quickly as I did. In the end. To save someone else from realising too late that as I did. In the end.

I don’t remember who I am, or exactly how I got here but I know that I won’t be here for much longer. I can see myself fading, feeling the pull of the darkness, of oblivion, wondering if this was what we wanted all along.

It started simply enough – we wanted to share, to connect with people across the world. We were never offline. Too easy. A few clicks and we felt connected. Smile, click, pose, click, share. At a beach, at a restaurant, at school every day.

Ignoring the warning of the olds. What did they know? Telling us we were losing too much, not enjoying, not seeing. That we were out of control.

We thought that we were our whole selves, but we were two – our image and ourselves. We realised it the full possibility of possessing two selves.

Each time we clicked, something disappeared. We became darkness, shadows of ourselves living for any screen.

Now I can see that the olds were right. Shuffling sadly, having lost too much themselves. Avoiding the shadows, yet looking so longingly towards them.

That’s the thing about hindsight. It all becomes so clear.

We chased the impossible, the best, the newest. We shared, but was it ever really that? Alll we did was take. Without realising that it was taking us in return. The gurning, grinning, twisting, pouting, unending cycle. Following, liking, not really connecting. Nature ignored.

As I type, I feel the darkness closing in. I feel the cold, creeping of inevitability. My room around me fades and blurs. I want to feel like I could fight. Could run. Could scream.

My friends are gone though and I’m not sure there is anyone left to hear me.

The olds don’t come this way anymore. Too afraid, too sad for what has gone. There is also calm though, a way through the constant noise. I feel calm anticipating a final quiet.

I have seen little though, and I hope they find a new way. I hope that they can find a way of not losing themselves, of finding the real light. Not the glare of a camera, or the burst of a flash, or the brief thrill of an alert, a like. I hope that they realise that the shadows around them are us, the us that couldn’t stop. The us who lost our way, the us that they could be.

If anyone is reading this still: turn off. Shut down. Go outside. Look at the shadows and remember. But learn.

For me it is too late, I drift into darkness, into stillness. A negative space. Where a complete should have been. Be whole.


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