Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

An Analytical Anagram By Cameron Telfer

This is the story of Andrew. Well, at least the ending of it. Andrew was a regular man, living a regular life. He had a regular wife, regular children, and a regular house. He had no reason to conclude his unhappiness, but there was a constant rebellion brewing inside of him. He knew he had to address it soon, but was unsure how to do so.

It seemed like it was going to address itself first.

Andrew’s phone began to jump around, anxious in its contents, anticipating the reaction of its owner. Andrew reached into his pocket and pull out his phone. A message; it was from a peculiar contact, from ‘Laser Ion’. Andrew never recalled adding a contact with such a cryptic name. The message read:

“Kill Martin.”

Andrew knew he couldn’t do that. He had no reason to…

Another message came through; this time, the phone trembled in fear for what was about to happen. This time the message was a photo, of Andrew and Rosaline. His wife wasn’t supposed to find out about her. His affair was about to be exposed, and he was standing clueless inside of his not-so-humble abode. Andrew instantly knew what he had to do, and without hesitating, he ran towards his car.

He shared his car with his wife. Ironic; his car was probably more mutual in their relationship than their affection for each other. As Andrew began to pull up towards his best friend’s house, he reached beneath his seat, pulling out a semi-automatic pistol. Andrew reconsidered his decision, but proceeded to exit the car nonetheless. He walked up towards the door, and waited patiently.

Knock, knock, knock.

As Martin initially opened the door, Andrew was greeted by a friendly smile. The mannerism was not reciprocated. Martin’s face instantaneously sunk into an expression of pure terror.

“A-Andrew…” Martin stuttered, “Andrew don’t d-do this… p-please.”

Tears ran down Martin’s face. Andrew clenched his eyelids together and went tense. He gripped his finger around the trigger and was ready to pull. Until…


Andrew opened his eyes, a young boy with dark blond hair and hope-full blue eyes. Suddenly, Andrew’s confidence drained from his body, as he turned back and ran back into his car. He drove and drove and drove until he had eventually reached his house, the car traveling fast, his brain pacing faster.

Andrew reached home and went to the porch. He found a note, left at the doorstep. It read:

“I’m leaving you, goodbye.

- Your Ex-Wife “

Andrew threw himself on the floor, trying to inflict as much pain onto himself as he could. Through the pain and regret, he heard footsteps above him. He looked up and saw her. Rosaline. His eyes widened in fear as he realised who ‘Laser Ion’ was. It was an anagram…

“We can really be together now”, she offered.

As Andrew lied on the floor, hopeless, he gripped the gun and put it to his head, ending his meaningless, worthless, depressing life.

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