Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

After Tonight's Performance By Sue Gerrard

After Tonight’s Performance

Tonight’s the night Vickery thought excitedly as the swirling Whitby mist wrapped itself around her body; on this night her life would change forever.

The lean, hungry figure of Marc Ryder stealthily crossed the stage towards the virginal Mina. What I would give to be in her shoes she thought.

It was time to visit the Victorian, green tiled ladies to transform herself from the volunteer usherette to Marc’s girlfriend.

The smell of Victorian morality seemed to still cling to the toilet walls. Defiantly she added another coat of red lipstick to her trembling mouth then regretted it. It was too obvious. She looked in the mirror again. Her black dress touched all the right places, her long blonde hair flowed, her make up perfect. He’d never think she was just sixteen.

He was, at least thirty-five, but all the better to take her away from dull Churchtown. Excitement was her life’s blood, now it was boiling thanks to the play ‘Dracula’ which was here on a pre-London run with its sexy star Marc Ryder. He of the chiseled good looks and rippling muscles.

She’d became obsessed, got to work early hoping to meet him but didn’t; stayed late until Connie, her colleague got fed up of waiting.

“Your lift definitely doesn’t go to the penthouse.” she remarked tartly amid the on-stage graveyard.

“Connie please. Weren’t you ever young?”.

“Yes, but not mad.”

The nightly vigils stopped.

As time passed Vickery was desperate, seeing him nightly night on stage then nothing.

Suddenly that changed with Marc’s invitation to a farewell party. Vickery couldn’t contain her excitement; at last they would meet.

A sharp knock brought her to the present. It was Connie who rushed her to the bar then Vickery stopped.

“What now?” Connie asked

“I don’t know what he looks like without make up.”

“You’ll have to wait to find out, the cast are in costume.”

At first, she couldn’t see him, then his hypnotic voice guided her.

A drink was already poured: “To beautiful you.”

Vickery wasn’t sure he meant it.

“I’m serious. I’ve seen you every night but never had chance to talk so I organized this party, so we could meet…”

“You mean this is for me.”.

“For us, now I think we should go somewhere quieter.”

Vickery followed Marc through the darkened theatre to his dressing room.

“Here we are.” he said kissing her cheek.

Mistaking her silence for reluctance he asked: “What’s the matter?”

“It’s just that… you’re in full make up, you’re still Dracula.”

“Do you think that I am going to turn you into a vampire?” he laughed at her innocence.

“No, I was thinking it suits you.”

Marc smiled she was definitely his kind of girl.

“It should do, it takes hours to put on.”

Vickery too smiled as she walked over to him.

“Don’t worry Marc; I can help you with that.” she said as she drove her fangs into his neck.

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