Tell A Tale — Gothic Fiction

A Ghost Story By Chris Bradshaw

She walked the 199 steps that led up to The Abby as a soft rain fell around her, her umbrella too small. She too small. The world too big.


The day was grey and her attire was woefully wanting for the task at hand. She shivered, perhaps by the thought of the task at hand, or perhaps by the thought that she’d come here to say goodbye.


She then stopped, and remembered the times that they had lived through together.


And as she did, he appeared. Walking down the steps, dressed in his finest, fancying himself as ‘dashing’, as was his want.


He smiled, ‘good to see you again’. ‘I’ve missed you so.’  


‘And ‘I’ve missed you too’.


She smiled, then they held hands as the gulls swept above them.


‘You do know, don’t you, that I’m dead?’ He asked


‘Not to me’.


He smiled again, then he reached up and with swift movement he removed his face, and she saw him.


There was a child there, hidden.


And the little boy told her a ghost story...


“Once upon a time”…. He began….


The little girl, now, in turn, naked and bare, unperturbed by his actions as she stood before him, finished his story …


“And they lived happily ever after”….


And the two ghosts kissed, and as the rain fell around them, they knew that they would never be apart again.



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