Shortlist — The Loneliness Project

Shortlist — The Loneliness Project

Shortlist — The Loneliness Project

As part of the Of Mice and Men tour, we're asking you to think and write about the theme of loneliness. If you haven't seen project page so far, check it out here. Thank you to everyone who's already got involved, we've had a fantastic response and are now beginning to shortlist the poems. Don't worry if you haven't submitted yet, there's still time! During the duration of the tour, we'll be scouring over all submissions collectively.

Each week, the Theatre Cloud team and Loneliness Project judges will be selecting three poems to send to the Of Mice and Men cast. The cast will then choose their favourite and one cast member will read that poem on camera from the theatre they are performing in that week of the tour. The readings are kindly filmed by the show's lovely Assistant Stage Manager and Understudy, Samantha Hopkins.

The winning poem will be selected from the shortlist by our panel of judges, which we'll be announcing soon.

Watch the shortlist so far and as it continues to grow as the tour continues below. You can check out the full tour schedule here


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Want to take part with the opportunity to have your submission read by a cast member? Then see here. This page is for shortlisted submissions only. 

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By Sasha Palmer

Read by Samantha Hopkins, Ensemble and Understudy Curley's Wife. Sam is also Assistant Stage Manager and has been filming the shortlist while on tour.

Mending Nets
By David Olsen

Read by William Rodell who plays George

By Stephanie Jones

Read by Jonah Russell who plays Slim.

Little Old Betty
By Holly Mander

Read by Nicholas Goode who plays Whit.

By Kieran Davies

Read by Ben Stott who plays Curley.

I Shall Arise and Go Now
By Ziggy Abd El Malak

Read by Saoirse-Monica Jackson who plays Curley's Wife

To My Old Friend
By Sarin Pyakurel

Read by Graham Elwell, Ensemble and Understudy to Lennie and Carlson.

Dinner for One
By Richard Archer

Read by David Tudor, Ensemble and Understudy to Curley, Whit and Slim.

Here in the Room of His Life
By John Ling

Read by Dudley Sutton who plays Candy

Bus Driver
By Kathleen M Quinlan

Read by Neil McKinven who plays Carlson/ The Boss

The Edge of Despair
By Ken Eaton Dykes

Read by Kristian Phillips who plays Lennie.