School for Scandal Blogs

School for Scandal Blogs

In September 1865 the brand new Theatre Royal Nottingham opened its doors for the first time with a production of Sheridan’s The School of Scandal.  Over 2,000 people were there on that famous night and both the theatre and the production were a great success.

School for Scandal

Fast forward 150 years later and the Theatre Royal are set to stage a brand new production of The School for Scandal, in order to come full circle and honour that very first show from 1865.

From 7 to 12 September 2015, The Royal Company, a community theatre initiative will present The School for Scandal as a promenade production, with actors and audiences moving around the venue, from in front of our iconic columns to the foyers to the actors’ Green Room. The show will climax on the stage itself.

From a lengthy audition process in autumn 2014, 21 community actors have been chosen to take part.  They age from 19 to 75.  Some have bags of experience, others have never acted before.  Costumes will be designed and made by Theatre Design students at Nottingham Trent University.

"The production poses many challenges – the promenade aspect of the show, a strong use of clowning and physical theatre and ensuring that we remain faithful to Sheridan’s script, whilst seeking to utilise modern, contemporary references into an 18th century setting. Oh, and there’ll be cross-dressing too."
David Longford, director for School for Scandal and creative learning manager at the Theatre Royal, Nottingham

David, at the very first rehearsal, asked for two members of the acting company to volunteer and contribute a blog for Theatre Cloud.  These blogs would document the rehearsal process warts and all. 

"I’m delighted that Kayleigh and Russ have put themselves forward to describe their School for Scandal experience and await with baited breath to reading their entries."

Meet the scandalous bloggers!

Kayleigh Phillips
A Nottingham based actor and writer. Trained at Drama Studio London graduating in 2012. She has toured Germany with the Aykebourn play Relatively Speaking and is a huge fan of farce theatre. 

Russ Swan
Russ is a middle aged bloke with no real acting experience save a couple of community folk plays. He makes his living as a writer, mostly about science and travel, and in his spare time tinkers with old motorbikes and drinks beer.

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This project is just for Kayleigh and Russ who are so scandalous they had to have their very own project.

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The show must go on
By Russ Swan

APRIL 2015: It was a theatrical cliché come true, and provided us with a memorable evening of operatic intrigue.  We had begun assembling in our rehearsal room for the latest of a number of…

Clowning Apprentice
By Kayleigh Phillips

We, us four clowns began our specific rehearsal today with Gerry. We did not open the script or need to reference it.- we did talk about it in an abstract way 'what do you think of when I say school…

Tempus fugit
By Russ Swan

5 March 2015: I've learned something about actors in the last week or so: they can’t tell the time. More specifically, they can't tell how long ten minutes is. We had been paired up, assigned…

Commedia, Presentations
By Kayleigh Phillips

Commedia workshop with Christopher Hawes from the National Theatre was amazing. We started off with what has quickly become my favourite warm up game 'Ninja'. Everyone threw themselves in to the…

20th January
By Kayleigh Phillips

  The aim of today, learn everybody's names. We played classic drama games such as zombie name game, status scenario and a original version of the classic Zip, Zap, Boing. Today I really started…

The casting ouch
By Russ Swan

Big news this week is that the cast has been announced. There are some excellent and juicy parts in the script, and I'm sure other members of the company shared my keen interest in finding out what…

13th January
By Kayleigh Phillips

Our first meeting of The Royal Company for School for Scandal went off with a bang. A short Hi, hello, nice to see you, witht he other company members that we will all come to know very well. We were…

What am I doing here?
By Russ Swan

Three rehearsals in, and we haven't opened a script yet. Technically, I suppose, this means they weren't rehearsals at all. Workshops, getting-to-know-you exercises, presentations from the director…