School Days - A To Sir, With Love Writing Project

School Days - A To Sir, With Love Writing Project

This project has now closed

We asked writers to create a piece of text that linked to the location of a school. This could be fiction or non-fiction, could be comedy or drama, could be naturalistic or surreal – the choice was theirs.

All submission were placed on Theatre Cloud for others to view and maybe even perform for themselves.

The only rules were that the text could be no more than 500 words, must have no more than four characters and must be able to be performed in some way. This could be a piece of poetry, a monologue, a scene between several characters or something more unusual like a series of text messages between several characters.

The project was open to all, with two categories, one for those who are of school age (Up to 16) and one for those above.

The project is now closed and we are delighted with the excellent submissions we have received. Take a look below and see some new writing inspired by a classic.

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Sue Pickles
By Sue Pickles

Ending or beginning?   Two people stagger into a darkened room from stage right, stumbling over rubble, dust flying, flashing torches over the scene around them.  The lights gradually come up.…

Pamela Senior
By Pamela Senior

TEENAGE KICKS By Pamela Senior   School toilets, 1970's, two teenage girls are standing in front of the sinks and mirrors.    JAN:    We should never've worn them…

Ishbel Brink
By Ishbel Brink

Blood and Stuff                                             …

Wendy Haynes
By Wendy Haynes

I WISH Scene  -   School playground in 1952. 3 girls aged 11 Susan Who is Harry Mortimer anyway? Dorothy He’s something to do with that brass band that came over. Valerie Yeah, I…

Chrissy Thornhill
By Chrissy Thornhill

Animal Welfare Jill and Dee enter the Science lab arm in arm Jill        Cor it pen and ink’s in here! Open that window Dee. Dee      Bleedin’…

Ann Hill
By Ann Hill

A Close Shave We stood in front of her desk, trying very hard not to look in the large, ornate mirror overthe fireplace.We were hoping to look contrite, ashamed and we were nervous, very nervous. 18 years…

J. Bramwell Slater
By Bramwell Slater

LONDON. JANUARY 1943. A SCHOOL STAFF MEETING. FRANK:         Good morning gentleman, and lady.                                …

Jenny Cameron
By Jenny Cameron

A classroom. HER – a well-dressed woman in her mid-thirties,  puts books into a bag, preparing to leave. HIM – a schoolboy in his late teens is sitting at a desk. They inhabit the same…

Diana Pearce
By Diana Pearce

To Sir With Love Sir:  Children, look towards the white board.   Today is a momentous day. It is the 40th anniversary of the reign of East Germany! Andrej: Sir, why is oppression so momentous?…