My View from the Bridge Photography Project

My View from the Bridge Photography Project

The bridge referred to in Arthur Miller’s 1956 classic is Brooklyn Bridge. On one side of that bridge is Brooklyn, a working-class area filled with Italian immigrants, like the Carbone family in the play, who look across the river to rich Manhattan and all that it represents of the American Dream, which they are unlikely to ever achieve. In the play, the audience is effectively looking down from the bridge, into the lives below.

MY View from the Bridge

Tying in to the themes in Miller’s play, Theatre Cloud and A View from the Bridge’s producers invite you to take a photograph from a bridge near you. We're looking for unique views - how artistic can you be? how unusual? how zany? 

  • Put yourself or others in the frame, or not
  • Choose an angle, decide what to focus on, vary the time of day or night
  • Be sure to caption your picture – where is this bridge and what you can see from your view of it?

How to submit

Upload your photo and caption via this page by Friday 29 May 2015.  Photos MUST be original and owned by you (no nicking off Google Images allowed). They should be jpeg or gif, with recommended image size of 700 x 525 pixels and no more than 100kb.  Larger images may be declined.  Once you submit, please help spread the word by sharing a link to the Project and your individual submission using the #ViewBridge hashtag.

Prizes and promotion

There are two prizes:

  • FIRST PRIZE - a Go-Pro Action Camera and Starter Kit - Expert judges will choose the top winning photograph from a longlist drawn up by TheatreCloud and the company of A View from the Bridge.
  • MOST POPULAR PRIZE - £50 Amazon Voucher - The photo, be it silly or serious, favourited and shared most widely from will also win a prize. Visitors can favourite and share throughout the competition. In the final weeks, we'll publish a longlist of the most popular entries, with the public and the TheatreCloud team, for a last round of frenzied favouriting. Be sure to share and tweet with the #ViewBridge hashtag to put your photo in the running.

What happens win?

Deadline for entries is Friday 29 May 2015. The longlist for the Most Popular Prize will be announced, and public 'voting' opened week commencing 8 June and will continue until 24 June 2015.

Winners for both prizes will be announced the first week in July.

Get Involved

Get snap happy! Upload YOUR View from the Bridge, including: where you are and, if applicable, your Twitter handle and any relevant links to you online. 

Recommended image size: 700 by 525 pixels at 72 ppi. File sizes should be no more than 100kb. Larger images may be declined. Winning photographers will be notified via email and be required to supply high-resolution files. Failure to supply requested image may result in disqualification. 

Deadline: 29 May 2015.

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Looking down
By Sian Hallewell

Taken on a small bridge crossing a pond just outside Telford Town Park. the colour is the sunlight catching the water under the bridge.

Little Bridge over Finham Brook
By Deborah Blanchard

As evening is approaching, the birds are claiming their branches for the night, overlooking the back of Kenilworth Castle.

Railway Bridge
By Deborah Blanchard

This is my favourite bridge in Kenilworth, although the view is difficult to see! I feel an affinity with this humpback bridge in need of a fresh coat of paint.

River Thames Sunset
By Leigh Cousins

A small secluded part of the River Thames in Hampton London. Its moments like these that make you stop and admire the natural beauty.

Chain bridge in Budapest
By Emma Leteace

A light trail of traffic across the beautiful chain bridge in Budapest.

Laxey Wheel
By Rebecca Roberts

The Laxey Wheel and bridge in the Isle of Man :)

Where are you going?
By Annette Edgar

"Where are you going" - little boat on the river in the centre of Lincoln.

railings at Ironbridge
By Sian Hallewell

Railings at Ironbridge Shropshire

Sneek a peek at Ironbridge
By Sian Hallewell

sneeking a peeky view from the Ironbridge in shropshire

Small dog, small bridge - Eavestone Lake, North Yorkshire
By Melissa Peakman

My Shiba Inu Dante, exploring the footpaths around Sawley, North Yorkshire. Here he's walking over the stone arch bridge at Eavestone Lake.

Rotterdam Bridge
By Jeremy Andrews

The famous The Erasmus Bridge in Rotterdam.

Old Dutch Bridge
By Jeremy Andrews

In the city of Delft there are many bridges. This one near the old church is over 500 years old.

Bridge to the Ferry
By Jeremy Andrews

This amazing bridge can be found in Holyhead to allow people get to the Irish Ferry.

Graffiti on bridge
By Sian Hallewell

Take on a bridge at Telford Town Park

I spy
By Sian Hallewell

Taken at a bridge in Telford town park

Weeds are pretty too
By Sian Hallewell

Taken on a bridge at Telford Twon Park

Under a bridge
By Sian Hallewell

Taken at a bridge in Telford Town park

Many view,s one birdge
By Sian Hallewell

Taken on a bridge at Telford Town Park

Just a brick or two
By Sian Hallewell

View from a bridge in Telford Town Park

A rickety bridge in the middle of nowhere!
By Christine Handsley

Travelling across a bridge in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Oh errr I hope this does not collapse!