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A Darlington Sound Walk


Florian, the Head teacher of the school in To Sir With Love is a visionary of his time who believes that giving students the chance to talk about their time at school, what works and what could be different will have a positive impact upon their education. This led us to think of a question. What would a city be like if we gave young generation the chance to talk about it through their eyes?

This is why in Darlington, the Touring Consortium Theatre Company, Pilot Theatre Company and Darlington Civic Theatre created a Sound Walk of the city through the eyes of young people. Our group worked with a professional theatre director, a professional sound designer and a performance poet to create an audio experience that guides its audience through the city and asks them to see it in a different way!

The Soundwalk


Click on the soundcloud files below to hear the finished soundwalk.




The creative project for To Sir, With Love in Darlington, worked with a new group of young people from Darlington to get them interested in theatre, and to raise awareness of the shows on offer at the Civic Theatre as well as the Youth Theatre. Taking themes very much relevant to the story of To Sir, With Love, the project worked with young people to explore their aspirations, and find out what it's like being a young person growing up in Darlington today. The project worked with young people over 8 weeks using poetry, spoken word, creative writing and drama techniques to create a "soundwalk" for audiences to download.

The project was a success - with 13 young people (only one of whom was already a part of our youth theatre) taking part in the project, many of whom came from St Aidan's Academy, a school nearby to the Civic Theatre, with whom we are keen to engage with. Since then, the young people have been invited to become Young Ambassadors for the Touring Consortium, and have also been invited to attend our Youth Theatre, which some of them have just started. The group all attended To Sir, With Love as part of the project.
Lyndsey Middleton - Audience Development and Participation Officer, Darlington Civic Theatre


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