We're working together with Touring Consortium Theatre Company on their Ambassador's Scheme as part of their Arts Council Strategic Touring Programme.

What is the scheme?
Ambassadors are members of our theatre network's local communities, who work alongside us to help build, diversify and develop drama audiences in their areas.

Ambassadors have their work cut out as drama audiences are dwindling and many young people today feel as though theatre is simply not for them. But with friendly local faces and encouragement, ambassadors aim to make these infrequent audience members feel more relaxed and comfortable about attending their local theatre.

There are currently over thirty ambassadors, who are helping to encourage first-time attenders from all areas and cultural backgrounds to give theatre a go; it’s about making your local theatre accessible and welcoming to everyone.

The scheme is currently live at these theatres:
Bradford Alhambra Theatre
Darlington Civic Theatre
Wolverhampton Grand 


  • Opportunities to meet the cast
  • Attend open rehearsals
  • Complimentary tickets
  • Invitations to exclusive events
  • A network to meet new people and socialise with ambassadors from other theatres
  • Provide a genuine voice for their local community
  • Support your local theatre

We're looking for future ambassadors to join our network. If you're interested in promoting theatre in your local area and think you can help us develop new audiences, let us know [email protected]

So far, ambassadors have helped support To Sir with Love, Brassed Off, Regeneration, A View from the Bridge and Brave New World