Tell A Tale: Final Shortlist Revealed

Tell A Tale: Final Shortlist Revealed

11 June 2018

The shortlist (FINALLY) descends upon us! …and you can watch each story too!

Tell A TaleWe have to start with an apology. It’s taken us longer than expected to reveal the final shortlist and like many of the devilish and grotesque characters that make up gothic fiction, we’ve been – err – hiding in the darkness… better known to some as the Theatre Cloud office.

We’re extremely sorry to keep you all waiting.  We’ve been overwhelmed with the number of high-quality stories that have been submitted since the project began at the end of last year. From the deliciously terrifying to the eerily sublime, there have been well over 400 submissions proving that the genre is just as powerful and alluring today. 

So without further ado... let's take a look at the stories that made the shortlist.

The Shortlist

  1. Riven by Janet Barker
  2. The Dark Mirror by Jennifer Baines
  3. Her by Russell Welch
  4. Splintered by Nicola Smith
  5. Status Update by R L Holland
  6. Devil’s Price by Aaliyah Martin-Clarke
  7. First Date by Gail Richardson
  8. Reflections by Natasha Rajendram
  9. The Chill by Summer Wyatt

Watch the shortlist here

Congratulations to everyone who made the shortlist! If you submitted a story and don't see your name above then fear not! As well as the shortlist, we're excited to reveal the publication of a longlist – made up of all of the stories that were selected for shortlisting but which didn’t quite make it.  While the judges are busy selecting which of the shortlisted stories are the winners, we’re asking the public to help us decide which of the longlist deserves the title of Most Popular. To vote for your favourite, just click on the heart on the submission page (links below). We'll be taking a final count on Monday 25th June.

The Longlist

  1. Mirror to the Madness by Ruby Bryant
  2. The Being Within by Michael Swift
  3. The Forget Man by Grant Hulbert
  4. I am the Egret by Jon Clynch
  5. The App by Gerry Langton
  6. Bones by Kelly Ornsby
  7. Away from it All by Janet Lister
  8. The Werewolf by Poppy Crossland
  9. The Crow by Kayleigh Mills
  10.  Talia by Emma Scullion
  11.  The Call of Blood by Rebecca Read
  12. Darkness Closing In by Callum Bond
  13.  The Music Box by Imogen Rowe
  14.  The Machine Could Turn You Off by Flicka Palmer
  15.  Helena by Rebecca Ann Barnes
  16.  Laid Bare by Nyah Davis
  17.  Fractured Reflections by Ellie Wilson
  18.  Split by Neshok Nayagam
  19.  The Technology Trap by Katie McCall
  20.  Cyber Me by Portia Dodds



Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde opens at  Rose Theatre, Kingston, where it plays from 9 to 17 February 2018. It then tours to Aberdeen, Malvern, Dartford, Nottingham, Blackpool, Wycombe, Edinburgh, Bradford, Wolverhampton, Cambridge and Darlington.

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